The October 19th edition of the Oshawa Times published the remaining schedule for the Senior football season. Although the October 14th games were not listed, the O'Neill vs Pickering result was reported in the October 17th paper. 

October 14th: Pickering at O'Neill; Central at Donevan
October 18th: O'Neill at Ajax; Donevan at Pickering
October 21st: Pickering at Central; Ajax at Donevan
October 25th: Ajax at Central; O'Neill at Donevan
October 28th: Pickering at Ajax; Central at O'Neill
November 1st: Donevan at Central; O'Neill at Pickering
November 4th: Ajax at O'Neill; Pickering at Donevan
November 9th: Central at Pickering; Donevan at Ajax

Note: It appears that games scheduled for October 21st were missed from the article (or rescheduled to that date).  Both these games were reported in the October 22nd Oshawa Times.  There are some inconsistencies denoted by an * below.  The league was comprised of five teams and they played each other twice for a total of eight games each.


October 4th: Actual date unknown (prior to October 25th and guess based on incomplete schedule above)
Central 45, Ajax 0

October 7th
Ajax 14, Pickering 0
Ajax: Gord Cardwell TD; Jim Breckenridge TD, Unknown SFT

October 14th
O'Neill 51, Pickering 6

October 18th
Ajax 13, O'Neill 6
Ajax: Gord Cardwell TD

October 21st
Donevan 32, Ajax 13 (conflicting score 33-13)
Central 99, Pickering 6

October 25th
Donevan 47, O'Neill 0
Central 45, Ajax 7
Ajax: Larry Gillard TD; Jit McCartney C

October 28th
Central 66, O'Neill 13 (Central undefeated)

November 1st
O'Neill 66, Pickering 18
Central 31, Donevan 6

November 4th
O'Neill 33, Ajax 0 

November 5th
COSSA Semi-final
Central 20, Peterborough Collegiate 12

November 11th
Central 22, Quinte 14

November (Reported in November 24th Oshawa Times newspaper)
COSSA Senior B Final
Tweed 32, Ajax 6


Standings according to the newspaper (November 3rd edition)
1st. Central
2nd (tie): Ajax
2nd (tie): Donevan
4th: O'Neill 4-4
5th: Pickering


Ajax, coached by Frank McConnachie, fielded a composite team of 24 players. 
Pickering was coached by T. Gauder and following the O'Neill game it was noted that Pickering had 16 team members with no previous experience.
In the game on October 18th, O'Neill forced overtime as they scored as time expired.  The winning touchdown in overtime was recorded by Gord Cardwell on a 65 yard run.
Central's COSSA champions were coached by W. D. McIlveen
Central also won COSSA title over Quinte in 1958

Georgian Bay South Division

October 14th
Brock 13, Sutton 12
Port Perry 19, Uxbridge 14

October 21st
Port Perry 28, Sutton 6
Uxbridge 26, Brock 6

October 27th
Uxbridge 21, Sutton 13

October 28th
Port Perry 38, Brock 0

October 31st
Port Perry 21, Sutton 0
Port Perry: Phil Clark 2TD, 2C, S; Wayne Powell TD
Uxbridge defeated Brock (Uxbridge Journal described this loss as being worse than the 38-0 loss to Port Perry on the 28th)

November 4th
Markham 13, Uxbridge 0 (Exhibition?)

Final standings: Port Perry 4-0; Uxbridge 3-1; Brock 1-3; Sutton 0-4

Port Perry won the group however unable to find any post season information in the Port Perry Star.


The October 19th edition of the Oshawa Times published the remaining schedule for the Junior football season.  Although the October 17th game was not listed, it was reported in the same paper.  Apparently the league consisted of only three teams and they played each other twice for a total of four games each.

October 17th: O'Neill at Donevan
October 20th Central at O'Neill
October 24th: Central at Donevan
October 27th: Donevan at Central
October 31st: Donevan at O'Neill
November 2nd: O'Neill at Central


COSSA Lakeshore Junior 

October 13th
Central 27, Donevan 0 (Exhibition)

October 17th
Donevan 8, O'Neill 6

October 27th
Central 23, Donevan 10 (Overtime)

November 2nd
Central 19, O'Neill 0

Final Standings
Central 4-0; O'Neill 1-2-1; Donevan 1-2-1
Note: Wins do not equal losses, possible that if game went to overtime, receiving team received credit for a win and losing team was given a tie.

November 3rd
COSSA Junior Semi-final
Peterborough CVS 37, Central 6

November 10th
Donevan 14, O'Neill 1 (apparently this game was played after the season was over for second place honours)


Georgian Bay Junior

November 4th: Brock 13, Sutton 12