Oshawa  / Whitby teams competed within Lakeshore C.O.S.S.A.  It appears that based on school size, two Champions were declared that advanced to an "A" playoff and a "B" playoff.


Participating Senior teams: Courtice, Donevan, Henry Street (list incomplete)



Lakeshore COSSA Conference



October 19th
Donevan at Courtice

October 27th
Donevan at Henry Street

November 11th
Henry Street played the Bay of Quinte Champions in COSSA B playoffs

GBSSA Southern Division (Note: North Durham schools competed in this division along with Sutton High School)

October 6th
Brock 19, Uxbridge 13 (conflicting score 19-12)

October 10th
Uxbridge 13, Port Perry 13

October 19th (prior to)
Uxbridge 24, Sutton 0

October 20th
Uxbridge 26, Sutton 0

Dates unknown
Port Perry 33, Brock 7
Brock 20, Sutton 0
Port Perry 26, Brock 6
Brock 15, Sutton 6

November 2nd (prior to)
Uxbridge 36, Brock 30

Uxbridge finished second.  Port Perry, who qualified first, were apparently eliminated due to a technicality.
Uxbridge played Pickering College on November 3rd at Uxbridge

October 2nd
Donevan 14, Central 0
Donevan: Ralph Laxton TD, Steve Stephinak TD
O'Neill 35, Anderson 0
O'Neill: Bobby Simpson 3TD

October 10th
Donevan 13, Henry Street 7
Donevan: Ralph Laxton TD, Andy Glecoff TD, C
Henry Steet: Bob Bassett TD; Willie Deleware C
Central 7, O'Neill 7
Central: Larry Plank TD, C
O'Neill: Bob Simpson TD, Ian McNamee S

October 16th
O'Neill 19, Donevan 1
O'Neill: Bryan Morris 2TD; Bryan Brady TD; Wayne Cheeseman C
Donevan: Andy Glecoff C
Central 13, Anderson 0 (note: conflicting score 14-0)
Central: Jimmy Navaro 2TD; Larry Planke C

October 19th
Anderson at Henry Street

October 20th
O'Neill 19, Henry Street 0
O'Neill: Bob Vincent 2TD; Ian McNamee TD

October 23rd
Donevan at Oshawa Central
O’Neill at Henry Street

October 25th
O’Neill 21, Central 14

October 26th
Central at Anderson

November 3rd
Lakeshore COSSA B Finals
Henry Street 8, Anderson 0
Henry Street: Jim Nicholl TD; Barry Good 2S

November 4th (Note: Toronto Star reported this game as O'Neill 8, Lindsay 0)
COSSA "A" Lakeshore League Semi-final
O'Neill 18, Lindsay 3
O'Neill: Brian Brady TD; Ken Brack TD; Brian Morse TD
Lindsay: George Babcock 3S

November 11th
Junior COSSA "B" Final
Tweed 26, Henry Street 0

November 11th
Junior COSSA "A" Final
O'Neill 67, Moira 0
O'Neill captures COSSA "A" Championship



The win by O’Neill over Central advanced O’Neill to the playoffs where they would play Donevan in a two game total point match to determine which team would advance to the Peterborough District Championship.

O'Neill captured the Junior COSSA "A" Championship.  Head coach: Art Schell