Participating Teams

COSSA Lakeshore Division ?
Anderson Ajax
Central Bowmanville
Donevan Clarke
McLaughlin Henry Street

September 23rd
Bowmanville 38, Clarke 1

September 30th
Ajax 18, Clarke 0

Prior to October 7th
McLaughlin 21, Anderson 0
McLaughlin 19, Donevan 13
Central 10, O'Neill 1
Central 8, McLaughlin 0
O'Neill 6, Donevan 1
Donevan 44, Anderson 0

October 7th
Bowmanville 12, Ajax 0

October 13th
McLaughlin 14, O'Neill 0

October 14th
Central vs. Donevan
McLaughlin vs. Anderson

October 16th
McLaughlin 8, Donevan 6
O'Neill 21, Central 13

October 22nd
McLaughlin 8, Central 1
O'Neill 19, Anderson 13

October 26th
McLaughlin 30, Anderson 6

October 27th
McLaughlin 24, O'Neill 0
Central 21, Donevan 13

November 4th
League playoff
McLaughlin 29, Central 0

COSSA Senior Semi-final
November 6th
Peterborough CVS 32, McLaughlin 14

Final Standings
McLaughlin 7-1; Central 5-3; O'Neill 4-4; Donevan 4-4; Anderson 0-8
Oshawa Times listed O'Neill and Donevan at 4-3; however this appeared to be a misprint as league wins would not have balanced to league losses.

Georgian Bay Eastern Division

October 7th (Prior to)
Uxbridge 47, Brock 14

October 14th (Prior to)
Sutton 18, Uxbridge 0 (1st game of total point series)

October 15th
Uxbridge 24, Port Perry 14 (conflict states Sutton, not Port Perry)

October 22nd
Uxbridge 13, Brock 0
Uxbridge: Jim Munro 2TD; Doug Barton C

October 29th
Uxbridge 19, Sutton 14 (2nd game of total points series)
Sutton wins series 32-19

Two leagues appear to have operated within Durham.
The Lakeshore Division of COSSA had the following membership within Senior: Central, McLaughlin, O'Neill, Donevan and Anderson
It is assumed that the second league were classified as smaller schools and membership appeared to be: Ajax, Bowmanville, Clarke and Henry Street
Anderson was a new entry within the league.
The Ajax win was their first regular season win since 1963.


Participating Teams

COSSA Lakeshore Division

Prior to October 7th
Donevan 45, McLaughlin 0
O'Neill 13, Central 1
Central 26, McLaughlin 6
Donevan 13, O'Neill 6

October 12th
O'Neill 12, McLaughlin 0

October 14th
McLaughlin 6, Donevan 6

October 14th
McLaughlin vs. O'Neill ?

October 15th
Central 24, O'Neill 13

October 26th?
McLaughlin 21, O'Neill 12

November 4th
League Playoff
Donevan 30, Central 14

November 6th
Port Hope defeated Donevan

Port Hope advanced and defeated Peterborough for the COSSA Junior Championship

The Lakeshore Division of COSSA had the following membership within Junior: Donevan, O'Neill, Central and McLaughlin.


Georgian Bay Eastern Division

September 22nd
King City 17, Uxbridge 0 (Exhibition?)

September 30th (prior to)
Uxbridge 32, Port Perry 0
Uxbridge: Roy Long 2TD; Bryan Campbell 2TD; Mike Shadforth TD; Ivan Geer 2C

October 15th
Uxbridge 37, Port Perry 1 (conflict states Sutton, not Port Perry)

October 18th
Uxbridge 21, Newmarket 18 (Exhibition)

October 22nd
Uxbridge 49, St. Johns Training School 0

October 29th
Uxbridge 21, Sutton 19 (conflict 21-18)
Uxbridge wins two game aggregate by a count of 55-19.
Uxbridge advances to pay the Newmarket Redmen on November 4th in the Georgian Bay District Semi-finals.