1972 Season

The 1972 season saw a teacher's labour dispute disrupt the season.  We understand that several schools fielded teams with volunteers assuming the coaching duties.  Both a City of Oshawa Senior and Junior Championship game were played with graduate players and members of the Oshawa Hawkeyes coaching staff handling the coaching duties.  According to an Oshawa Times column published after the City games, it appears that a decision was made to award the league championship to Courtice, which apparently was not affected by the dispute which was Durham related.  A review of the two league trophies shows that there is no plate on the Senior trophy for 1972 while Courtice is engraved on the Junior trophy.  We believe that Courtice failed to win either a Senior or Junior game the previous year, so it is possible that someone removed their name plate from the Senior Trophy or the awarding of the Championship to Courtice was at the Junior level only.


City of Oshawa Final
Donevan 7, Eastdale 6
Donevan: Marty Shearer TD, Bob Hill S
Eastdale: Stan Cockerton TD

The Championship games for the City of Oshawa were played with six inches of snow on the field.


City of Oshawa Final
O'Neill 16, Anderson 0
O'Neill: John Burke 2TD, Dave Dowling 2PtC