North-South Game
Sunday, September 15th

North   South  
Oshawa Catholic 1 O'Neill 1
McLaughlin 21 G L Roberts 1
Eastdale 7 Central 3
McLaughlin 0 O'Neill 0
  29   5

Donevan did not participate

Best team award: McLaughlin

September 19th
Uxbridge played Newmarket

Regular Season

Tuesday, September 18th
Oshawa Catholic 45, GL Roberts 0
McLaughlin 16, Courtice 14 (newspaper reported 14-12 however standings reflected 16-14)
Central 14, Clarke 0

Thursday, September 20th
Bowmanville 28, Eastdale 0

September 21st
Uxbridge played Anderson (this appears to be an error as school played each other later in the season)

Friday, September 21st
Port Perry defeated Pickering
Ajax played Henry Street
Dunbarton played Anderson
Donevan 25, O'Neill 24

Tuesday, September 25th
Clarke 15, O'Neill 14
Bowmanville 35. GL Roberts 1

Wednesday, September 26th
Eastdale 29, Central 7

Thursday, September 27th
Donevan 19, Courtice 0
Donevan: Igor Dmytruk 3TD; Tom Zaboraik C
Oshawa Catholic 25, Clarke 15

September 28th
Henry Street 9, Uxbridge 7
Port Perry 13, Anderson 12
Pickering 14, Ajax 12

Tuesday, October 2nd
Port Perry 6, Uxbridge 0
Anderson at Pickering
Henry Street at Dunbarton
Bowmanville defeated Courtice

Wednesday, October 3rd
Eastdale 26, Oshawa Catholic 0

Thursday, October 4th
Central 25, GL Roberts 14
Clarke at Donevan

Friday, October 5th
Port Perry 28, Dunbarton 15

Dunbarton: Sandy Smith TD; Gary Williams TD
Pickering 19, Uxbridge 0
Anderson at Ajax
O'Neill at McLaughlin

Tuesday, October 9th
Clarke defeated Courtice
McLaughlin at Bowmanville

Wednesday, October 10th
Oshawa Catholic 16, Donevan 12

Friday, October 12th
Port Perry 17, Ajax 16
Dunbarton at Uxbridge
Central defeated Courtice
O'Neill 38, Eastdale 6

Saturday, October 13th
Anderson 31, Henry Street 7

Tuesday, October 16th
O'Neill at Central
Clarke 22, GL Roberts 0
Eastdale 32, Courtice 0
Eastdale: Steve Watson TD; John Patty TD; Dave Shymko TD; Steve Smart TD; Peter Fallaise TD; Mark Baron C, S

Wednesday, October 17th
Donevan 16, McLaughlin 6
Donevan: Igor Dmytruk 2TD, FG, C
McLaughlin: Peter Grills TD

Thursday, October 18th
Oshawa Catholic 27, Bowmanville 6
Eastdale 56, GL Roberts 0

October 19th
Port Perry 26, Henry Street 7

October 20th
Dunbarton 16, Pickering 13
Dunbarton: Joe Kowal 2TD
Uxbridge played Ajax
Port Perry played Henry Street
Central 13, McLaughlin 3
Central: Frank Schram TD; Paul Langley 2FG, C
McLaughlin: Jeff Mason FG

October 24th
Donevan 12, Central 0
Donevan: Igor Dmytruk TD, FG, C; Russ Bahniuk 2S
Anderson 30, Uxbridge 7

October 25th
Oshawa Catholic 36,  McLaughlin 14

October 26th
Dunbarton 21,  Ajax 8
Dunbarton: Randy Vandersluis 2TD; Guy Pilon TD; Glenn Hobbs 2C; Sandy Smith S
Pickering played Henry Street
Uxbridge played Anderson
O'Neill played GL Roberts
Eastdale played Donevan

Monday, October 29th
Oshawa Catholic 13, O'Neill 12
Oshawa Catholic: Bert Hoefs TD, C; Marc Adams TD
O'Neill: Dave Kimmerly TD; Bob Raike TD

Tuesday, October 30th
Central defeated Bowmanville (default)

Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied Points
Oshawa Catholic 6 1 0 12
Eastdale 5 2 0 10
Oshawa Central 5 2 0 10
Donevan 4 3 0 8
Bowmanville 4 3 0 8
Clarke 4 3 0 8
O'Neill 4 3 0 9
McLaughlin 2 5 0 4
G L Roberts 0 7 0 0
Courtice 0 7 0 0

Due to a work to rule situation, Bowmanville, Clarke and Courtice all defaulted their games over the final few weeks of the season.  We are assuming that one of these games was a double default which explains why the wins do not equal the losses.  Prior to the defaults., Bowmanville was 4-1; Clarke 4-2 and Courtice 0-5.

Friday, November 2nd
Oshawa Catholic 15, Oshawa Central 7
Eastdale 26, Donevan 0

Tuesday, November 6th
Oshawa Catholic 19, Anderson 4 (4OT)
Port Perry 22, Eastdale 6

Friday, November 9th
Oshawa Catholic 37, Port Perry 6
Oshawa Catholic: Dan O'Neil 3TD, 2PtC; Marc Adams 2TD, Bert Hoefs 4C, S
Port Perry: Bill VanCamp TD

Henry Street opened with wins of 37-0 and 26-0 prior to playing Uxbridge.
Following the October 24th game between Donevan and Central, the Oshawa Times reported that Donevan had a record of 4-2 while Central was 2-2 in league play.
A result later in the month stated that Oshawa Catholic has a record of 5-1 with one game remaining.
Ajax News Advertiser claimed that Henry Street operated only one interscholastic team however we seem to have records for both a Junior and a Senior team!.
Port Perry recorded a perfect 6-0 record in league play.
The October 13th game between Anderson and Henry Street was the fourth time the two schools had competed for the Mayors Cup.  The win by Anderson evened the series at two wins each.
It appears that Port Perry and Anderson finished first and second within the West Division. 



North-South Game
Sunday, September 15th

North   South  
Oshawa Catholic 2 Central 0
McLaughlin 0 Central 6
McLaughlin 0 O'Neill 0
Eastdale 0 O'Neill 0
  2   6

Best team award: Central

Regular Season

Tuesday, September 18th
Oshawa Catholic 13, Central 8

Thursday, September 20th
Eastdale 27, McLaughlin 0

Friday, September 21st
O'Neill 33, Donevan 6

Tuesday, September 25th
Bowmanville 8, O'Neill 1

Wednesday, September 26th
Eastdale 41, Central 27 (newspaper reported 45-28)

September 28th
Uxbridge 19, Pickering 6

Wednesday, October 3rd
Oshawa Catholic 7, Eastdale 7

Thursday, October 4th
Bowmanville at Donevan

Friday, October 5th
O'Neill defeated McLaughlin

Tuesday, October 9th
Bowmanville defeated McLaughlin

Wednesday, October 10th
Oshawa Catholic 21, Donevan 18

Thursday, October 11th
Eastdale 20, O'Neill 17

October 12th
Uxbridge 20, Port Perry 0

Tuesday, October 16th
Central 13, O'Neill 0

Wednesday, October 17th
McLaughlin 6, Donevan 0

Thursday, October 18th
Bowmanville 9, Oshawa Catholic 0

Friday, October 19th
McLaughlin 21, Central 15

Wednesday, October 24th
Central 25, Donevan 16

Thursday, October 25th
Oshawa Catholic 44, McLaughlin 0

October 26th
Uxbridge 36, Anderson 8

Monday, October 29th
Oshawa Catholic 12, O'Neill 1

Tuesday, October 30th
Central defeated Bowmanville (default)

Pickering played Port Perry (score unknown)
Pickering 21, Uxbridge 14
Pickering 26, Henry Street 0

Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied Points
Eastdale 5 0 1 11
Oshawa Catholic 4 1 1 9
Oshawa Central 3 3 0 6
Bowmanville 3 3 0 6
O'Neill 2 4 0 4
McLaughlin 2 4 0 4
Donevan 1 5 0 2

Due to a work to rule situation, Bowmanville defaulted their final two games of the season. 

November 2nd
Uxbridge 26, Oshawa Catholic 0 (conflict 28-0)
Pickering 37, Eastdale 0

Friday, November 9th
Uxbridge 21, Pickering 15 (overtime)

In the Championship Game, Uxbridge was trailing 15-7 when Earl Prime broke lose for a 65 yard touchdown run.  Now trailing by two, Uxbridge faked the point after kick and gave the ball to Scott Cleland who carried into the end zone to even the score at 15.  Two five minute overtime periods were played.  In the first minute of overtime, Scott Cleland on an end sweep scored an 80 yard touchdown to put the Tigers ahead.  There was no more scoring in the ensuing nine minutes.