September 13th
Oshawa North-South Game
South 20, North 16

Regular Season

September 17th
McLaughlin 19, G.L. Roberts 12

September 18th
Central 7, Donevan 7

September 20th
Pickering 27, Henry Street 14

Pickering: John Head 2TD; Doug Brown TD; Mike Newman TD
Anderson 13, Port Perry 0
Eastdale 21, O'Neill 16
Bowmanville defeated Oshawa Catholic

September 25th
Eastdale 21, Donevan 8

September 27th
Pickering 29, Uxbridge 14
O'Neill 13, Clarke 9
Bowmanville 40, G.L. Roberts 12
Port Perry 3, Uxbridge 1
Port Perry: Scott Hewson FG

Monday, September 30th
Oshawa Central 34, Oshawa Catholic 7

Wednesday, October 2nd
Eastdale 29, Bowmanville 20 (both teams entered this game with a record of 3-0; Central was 2-0-1)

Friday, October 4th
Donevan 15,  Clarke 7
Anderson 13, Uxbridge 0
Henry Street 18, Port Perry 6
Port Perry: Scott Hewson TD

Monday, October 7th
O'Neill 50, McLaughlin 7

Tuesday, October 8th
Pickering 17, Anderson 8 (following this game Pickering was 3-0, Anderson 2-1)
Pickering: Kevin Collins TD; Mike Newman TD; Charlie Rundle FG, 2C
Anderson: Martin Randall TD; Peter McLeod 2ptC

Wednesday, October 9th
Central 32, GL Roberts 0

Friday, October 11th
Pickering 20, Port Perry 12
Pickering:: Kevin Collins TD; Mike Eager TD
Oshawa Catholic played Clarke
Uxbridge 12, Henry Street 10

Tuesday, October 15th
Clarke 21, Bowmanville 6

Wednesday, October 16th
Eastdale 6, Central 0 (Following this game Eastdale yet to lose; Central 3-1-1)
Donevan 24, G.L. Roberts 6

Thursday, October 17th
Anderson 23, Henry Street 8 (Mayors Cup)

Friday, October 18th
Uxbridge 37, Port Perry 7
O'Neill 27, Oshawa Catholic 13 (O'Neill 3-1)

Tuesday, October 22nd
Central 55, McLaughlin 13

Wednesday, October 23rd
Eastdale 16, Oshawa Catholic 6

Friday, October 25th
Donevan played O'Neill
Anderson 27, Port Perry 15
G.L. Roberts played Clarke
Pickering 52, Henry Street 34 (conflicting report 54-32)

Monday, October 28th
Central played Bowmanville
McLaughlin played Oshawa Catholic

October 29th
Pickering 6, Uxbridge 0

Date Unknown (2nd last regular season game for these two teams)
Anderson 18, Pickering 7

November 1st
Henry Street 36, Uxbridge 6

Friday, November 8th
Anderson 34, Uxbridge 6

November 13th (Ajax News Advertiser reported)
Henry Street 13, Port Perry 0

East Division Semi-final
November 5th
Oshawa Central 15, O'Neill 14

East Division Final
Eastdale 31, Oshawa Central 0

Eastdale 6, Anderson 0
Eastdale: Bob Grace TD

In the game played on September 16th, the Quarterback for McLaughlin was Ian Gilbride.
The Eastdale win over O'Neill on September 20th featured a 110 yard punt return by Steve Watson for Eastdale.
Following the Eastdale-Donevan game on September 25th, Eastdale was 2-0; Donevan 0-1-1.
Anderson captured their second straight Mayor's Cup (Whitby) when they defeated Henry Street.  Following that game, Anderson was 3-1 and Henry Street was 1-3.  The Oshawa Times stated that this was a four point game as Henry Street had joined the "AA" Division due to a lack of competition at the "A" level.
Henry Street finished in third place.
Bowmanville was known as the Red Devils.
Anderson needed to beat Pickering by more than 10 in their second last regular season game then defeat Uxbridge to capture the West division title.  It appears that the West did not have any playoffs and the regular season winner advanced directly to the final.
Port Perry Quarterback was John Scott.
The Championship game saw only one touchdown scored.  This took place in the second quarter with the Eastdale Quarterback calling his own number for a one yard keeper.
Championship Game MVP: Ross Francis (Eastdale)


North-South Game
North 22, South 13

North   South  
Eastdale 0 Donevan 6
O'Neill 18 Central 0
Oshawa Catholic 1 Bowmanville 6
Unknown 3 Unknown 1
  22   13

September 16th
Courtice 16, Eastdale 14

September 18th
Central 6, Donevan 0

September 20th
Oshawa Catholic 20, Bowmanville 7
Uxbridge played Anderson
Eastdale played O'Neill

September 23rd
Clarke 33, McLaughlin 13

September 25th
Eastdale 13, Donevan 12
Courtice 15, Oshawa Catholic 3

September 27th
O'Neill 41, Bowmanville 0
Uxbridge 28, Port Perry 7 (conflicting score 29-7)

September 30th
Oshawa Catholic played Central

Tuesday, October 1st
Courtice 7, Donevan 0 (following this game, Courtice was 3-0; Donevan winless)
Courtice: Ron Jukic TD; Brian Simpson S

Wednesday, October 2nd
Eastdale 22, Bowmanville 8
O'Neill played Uxbridge

Friday, October 4th
Donevan 16, Oshawa Catholic 14
Anderson 26, Port Perry 6

Monday, October 7th
O'Neill 13, Central 0 (following this game O'Neill was 3-1 while Central had yet to win)
O'Neill: Dave Clark TD; John Banfield TD; Kevin O'Leary C

Wednesday, October 9th
Donevan played Courtice
Courtice 20, Port Hope 13 (Exhibtion)

Friday, October 11th
Uxbridge 23, Anderson 7
Oshawa Catholic played Port Perry

Tuesday, October 15th
Courtice 29, Bowmanville 21 (Courtice improved record to 4-0)

Wednesday, October 16th
Central 12, Eastdale 7 (Central 2-2, Eastdale 2-3)
Central: Jim Holik 2TD
Eastdale: Wayne Kerr TD; Larry Reedyk C

Anderson 20, Donevan 6 (Exhibition?)

Friday, October 18th
Uxbridge 33, Port Perry 6
Oshawa Catholic 8, O'Neill 7
Oshawa Catholic: Sam Zara TD; Pat McArthur S, C
O'Neill: John Banfield TD; Kevin O'Leary C

Tuesday, October 22nd
Central 19, Courtice 13 (first loss for Courtice)

Wednesday, October 23rd
Eastdale 1, Oshawa Catholic 0
Eastdale: Larry Reedyk S

Friday, October 25th
Donevan played O'Neill
Anderson played Port Perry

Monday, October 28th
Central played Bowmanville

East Division Semi-final
November 5th
Oshawa Catholic 7, Courtice 0

West Division Final
October 30th
Anderson 18, Uxbridge 16

East Division Final
O'Neill 20, Oshawa Catholic 15

Championship Final
Anderson 8, O'Neill 6


Clarke High School (Newcastle) competed with Lyn Lowry handling the coaching duties.
Prior to their loss on October 30th (this was a playoff game), Uxbridge was undefeated with a record of 6-0 including two wins over Anderson.