1975 Season

Note: Dates reflect newspaper article dates


Regular Season

September 21st
Pickering 41, Oshawa Catholic 0 ... Pickering - TDs: Robin Barnes (2); Kim Rasmussen (2); Tom Dennison; Mick McCue; Toby Rasmussen; C: Tony Elvin (3) ... suspect one of the reported touchdowns was a two point convert
O'Neill 10, Anderson 1

October 1st
Pickering 36, O'Neill 7 ... Pickering Touchdowns: D. Collett (2); P. Barnes; D. Brown; K. Rasmussen
Uxbridge 56, Dunbarton 6
Anderson 10, Courtice 6

October 8th
Pickering 28, Anderson 2 ... Pickering: Touchdowns: Ray MacIsaac (2); Mike McCue (2); Converts: Tony Elvin (4)
GL Roberts 30, Dunbarton 6

October 15th
Pickering 35, Bowmanville 8
Donevan 52, Dunbarton 0

October 22nd
Pickering 63, Dunbarton 0

October 29th
Anderson 39, Oshawa Central 6
Pickering 20, GL Roberts 13
Courtice 28, Dunbarton 0

November 5th
Oshawa Central 13, Pickering 7

Date Unknown
Dovenvan 12, Anderson 4

Anderson 46, Donevan 6
Eastdale 16, Oshawa Central 14
Bowmanville defeated GL Roberts

Pickering 20, Eastdale 6
Anderson 14, Bowmanville 6

Senior LOSSA Championship
Pickering 43, Anderson 0

Competing teams included: Anderson, Bowmanville, Courtice, Donevan, Dunbarton, Eastdale, GL Roberts, O'Neill, Oshawa Catholic, Oshawa Central, Pickering and Uxbridge
The Pickering vs. GL Roberts game reported on October 29th was a battle of the two remaining undefeated teams while the Courtice vs. Dunbarton game featured two teams seeking their first win of the season.
The Pickering Trojans compiled a regular season mark of six wins and one loss to finish first in league play.
The Championship game between Pickering and Anderson was originally scheduled to be played on a Sunday.  Two of the Anderson players including Quarterback Fred Prinzen were Dutch Reform members and due to their religious beliefs Anderson was successfully able to have the game rescheduled to the following Tuesday at Pickering High School.  The Championship for both Senior and Junior was then moved to Oshawa Civic as O'Neill protested that they did not want to travel to Bowmanville to play for the Junior Championship.
LOSSA Championship Game MVP: Robin Barnes 



Regular Season

September 21st
Henry Street 6, Anderson 0

October 1st
Anderson 18, Courtice 0

October 8th
McLaughlin 8, Anderson 0
Henry Street 22, Uxbridge 6

October 15th
Henry Street 37, Donevan 0

October 22nd
Henry Street 29, GL Roberts 10

November 4th (reported in the Oshawa Times)
Oshawa Catholic 28, Eastdale 1
O'Neill 21, McLaughlin 16
Bowmanville 31, Uxbridge 6
Henry Street 14, Anderson 0

Bowmanville 27, Henry Street 6
O'Neill 28, Oshawa Catholic 6

Junior LOSSA Championship
Bowmanville 28, O'Neill 8

Bowmanville was undefeated in regular season play.
First year that Henry Street competed in Junior LOSSA league play.