1981 Season


6th Annual East-West Game (played September 16th)
West 66, East 46
Anderson (W) 0, G.L. Roberts (E) 8
Uxbridge (W) 0, O'Neill (E) 16
Dunbarton (W) 6, Paul Dwyer (E) 14
Uxbridge (W) 20, Donevan (E) 8
Henry Street (W) 12, McLaughlin (E) 0
Bowmanville (W) 22, Eastdale (E) 0
and a guess to make the score balance
Pickering (W) 6, Central (E) 0

Regular Season

September 24th
Donevan 20, McLaughlin 19
Paul Dwyer 20, O'Neill 12
Pickering 30, Henry Street 21
Bowmanville 21, Uxbridge 7

Prior to September 30th
Eastdale 17, Central 7

October 1st
O'Neill 17, Donevan 7
Eastdale 13, McLaughlin 6
G.L. Roberts 8, Paul Dwyer 7

Prior to October 7th
Pickering 36, Anderson 0
Pickering TD's: Tim Coburn, Bruce McKenzie, Tony Stea; C: Adnrew Collie
Henry Street 33, Uxbridge 0

October 7th
G.L. Roberts 20, Donevan 6

October 14th
Central 35, Donevan 24

Prior to October 21st
O'Neill 16, Eastdale 7
Pickering 8, Dunbarton 0

October 22nd
Eastdale 13, Donevan 6

October 23rd
O'Neill 16, G.L. Roberts 0

Prior to October 28th
Pickering 19, Henry Street 7
Pickering TD's: Tony Stea (3)
Dunbarton 21, Uxbridge 7
Bowmanville 28, Anderson 7

October 27th
Dunbarton 14, Anderson 7

October 28th
Pickering 7, Uxbridge 6

October 31st
O'Neill 13, McLaughlin 10
Paul Dwyer 6, Donevan 2
Eastdale 19, G.L. Roberts 7

Final Regular Season Week
Henry Street 21, Bowmanville 15

Unknown Dates
Pickering 22, Bowmanville 7 ... Pickering TD's: Tony Stea (2), Andrew Collie

Regular Season Standings

East Division Won Lost Points
Paul Dwyer 4 1 8
O'Neill 3 2 6
Eastdale 3 2 6
GL Roberts 3 2 6
Central 2 3 4
McLaughlin 0 5 0
Donevan** ? ? ?


West Division Won Lost Points
Pickering 5 0 10
Henry Street 4 1 8
Dunbarton 3 2 6
Bowmanville 2 3 4
Uxbridge 2 3 4
Anderson 1 4 2

** Donevan was not listed in the final standings published by the Toronto Star on November 27th, 1981.  It also seems to make no sense that the schools in the East Division played an odd number of games.  Donevan could not have played an odd number of games other total wins would not equal total losses.  Note: The total wins across each division does not equal the total losses unless cross divisional play occurred.  We have been unable to find any record of cross divisional games being played.  We suspect that the East Division each played six games.

Given the playoff games played, we are confident that the top three in each division are listed correctly.

Also interesting is the fact that according to the scores researched, O'Neill had 4 wins and 1 loss with no game against Central.  The Star reported their final record as 3 wins, 2 losses.  It is also possible that some scores located above could be Junior games, not Senior as the newspapers were often ambiguous with their reporting.

O'Neill 14, Dunbarton 7 (OT)
Henry Street 42, Eastdale 24
Byes: Paul Dwyer, Pickering

Pickering 23, O'Neill 6
Paul Dwyer defeated Henry Street

Championship Game
Pickering 20, Paul Dwyer 6

In the annual East-West game Bowmanville was the Oshawa Times trophy winner.  Uxbridge played twice and after losing badly to O'Neill, rebounded to defeat Donevan 20-8 to start the comeback for the West who trailed 33-6 at one point.
McLaughlin, who had captured the East Senior title the previous season, lost a lot of players to graduation and the Oshawa Times indicated that they would be lucky to be competitive.  In their season opener against Donevan, McLaughlin led 19-12 prior to the final play of the game.  Kevin Upton would return a last play punt 40 yards for a touchdown.  Now tailing by one, Donevan went for the two point convert and Kevin Upton would find the end zone to give Donevan the win.
Following the October 14th game, Central led their division with a 4-1 mark, which given the standings and playoff matches seems to be erroneous.
In the Bowmanville vs. Pickering game, Bowmanville led 7-1 at the half, however Pickering scored on the first play of the second half.
The Pickering vs. Henry Street game played was during the second last week of West division play.  Both teams were undefeated prior to this game.
Dunbarton finished the season with a winning record.
Bowmaville Quarterback was Doug Dilling.



Annual East-West Game (played September 16th)
West 60, East 26
Dunbarton (W) 6, Donevan (E) 8
Uxbridge (W) 0, Paul Dwyer 6
Henry Street (W) 26, G.L. Roberts (E) 6
Anderson (W) 2, Eastdale (E) 0
Pickering (W) 12, O'Neill (E) 0
Anderson (W) 14, McLaughlin (E) 0

Regular Season

September 24th
Donevan 29, McLaughlin 0
Henry Street 9, Pickering 0

Prior to September 30th
Paul Dwyer 56, O'Neill 0

October 1st
Donevan 20, O'Neill 0
Eastdale 45, McLaughlin 0
Paul Dwyer 42, G.L. Roberts 0

Prior to October 7th
Henry Street 20, Uxbridge 6
Pickering 26, Anderson 7
Pickering TD's: Mark Edwards (2), Joe Jordan, Pat McNamara

October 7th
Donevan 32, G.L. Roberts 6

Prior to October 21st
Eastdale 13, O'Neill 12
Pickering 38, Dunbarton 12

Friday prior to October 28th
O'Neill 25, G.L. Roberts 6

Prior to October 28th
Uxbridge 14, Dunbarton 6
Pickering 28, Henry Street 22

October 31st
O'Neill 26, McLaughlin 0
Paul Dwyer 7, Donevan 0

Regular Season Standings

East Division School
1st Paul Dwyer
2nd Eastdale
3rd Donevan
4th O'Neill
5th G.L. Roberts
6th McLaughlin

Note: 4th, 5th and 6th places are best guess efforts

West Division School
1st Pickering
2nd Henry Street
3rd Uxbridge

4th and 5th: Anderson and Dunbarton (order unknown)

Henry Street 20, Eastdale 0
Donevan defeated Uxbridge
Paul Dwyer, Pickering: Byes

Pickering 20, Donevan 7
Paul Dwyer 35, Henry Street 7

Championship Game
Pickering 40, Paul Dwyer 14

Anderson played twice in the East-West game.
When Henry Street defeated Pickering 9-0 on September 24th, the lone touchdown was scored by Joey Nieuwendyk, who would later play professional hockey and who would have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup three times.
Paul Dwyer dominated the East division as they captured their first two games by a 98-0 total.  After four games, they had outscored their opponents 174-1.  The closest regular season game for the Saints was October 31st when in a battle of undefeated teams, they prevailed 7-0 over Donevan.
O'Neill won their first game of the season when they defeated G.L. Roberts in late October
Pickering and Henry Street battle for first place with the teams splitting the two games in which they played each other.
Pickering Quarterback was Cam Baird.  Other Trojan junior team members included: Mark Edwards, Derrick Stroud, Joe Jordan and Jim Closs.
Paul Dwyer players included: Dan Polon, Paul Winters and Louie Pawlikowski.  Coach was Tony White.
The Championship game was considered to be an upset as Paul Dwyer had gone through the regular season undefeated in five games allowing only one point to be scored against them in those games.  The first touchdown given up by Paul Dwyer occurred in the semi-finals.