1982 Season


East-West Game, played September 16th,  included:
McLaughlin vs. Dunbarton; Henry Street vs. O'Neill; Anderson vs. Bowmanville; Pickering vs. Eastdale; Pickering vs. Paul Dwyer (and we believe: Uxbridge vs. Donevan)

Regular Season

September 24th
Henry Street 19, Uxbridge 6
Henry Street: Tony Lazzard TD; Brent Slichter TD; Bobbie Clarke TD
Uxbridge: Russell Joosteen TD
Pickering 14, Anderson 6

September 27th
Donevan 15, McLaughlin 6
Donevan: Mark Blanchfield TD; Rob Bobrarsic TD
McLaughlin: Ron Barsi TD

September 30th
Dunbarton 13, Uxbridge 12
Dunbarton: Mitch Turner TD; Troy Varlow TD
Uxbridge: Steve Kloosterman 2TD
Henry Street 21, O'Neill 17
Paul Dwyer 14, Anderson 0

Prior to October 1st
O'Neill 25, Bowmanville 8
Eastdale10, Mclaughlin 7 (this game could be off by one point)
Paul Dwyer 22, Eastdale 20 (this game could be off by one point)

October 1st
Donevan 23, Pickering 14
Pickering TD's: Frank Kakorus, Bruce Kovac

October 3rd
Henry Street 28, Pickering 1

October 6th
Eastdale 7, Courtice 1 (reported in October 7th edition of Toronto Star; Courtice might have been playing Exhibition games?)

October 12th
Anderson 35, Uxbridge 14
Anderson: Marco Adebar TD; Mike Bessel TD; Alex Becz TD; Bill Callen TD; Kevin Church TD
Uxbridge: Russ Joosteen TD; Doug Jones TD

Prior to October 13th
Bowmanville 34, Dunbarton 0

October 19th
Eastdale 27, Bowmanville 6

October 21st
O'Neill 14, Donevan 13

October 28th
Donevan 26, Bowmanville 0

Prior to November 3rd
Henry Street 63, Dunbarton 0
Paul Dwyer 11, Pickering 10 (conflicting report 11-0)

Dates Unknown
Henry Street 55, O'Neill 12
Henry Street 28, McLaughlin 13
Donevan 15, Anderson 6


Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied Points
Henry Street 6 0 0 12
O'Neill 5 1 0 10
Paul Dwyer 5 1 0 10
Donevan 5 1 0 10
Anderson 3 3 0 6
Pickering 3 3 0 6
Eastdale 3 3 0 6
McLaughlin 1 5 0 2
Bowmanville 1 5 0 2
Dunbarton 1 5 0 2
Uxbridge 0 6 0 0


Quarter-finals - played on or about November 4th
Henry Street 28, McLaughlin 10
Eastdale 21, O'Neill 7
Paul Dwyer 23, Pickering 0
Donevan 30, Anderson 0

Semi-finals (November 10th)
Donevan 14, Eastdale 12
Donevan: Bill Cook 2TD
Eastdale: Peter Althouse TD; Darrell Sewell TD

Paul Dwyer 8, Henry Street 0
Paul Dwyer: Des St Marie TD

Final played November 13th at Oshawa Civic.
Paul Dwyer 35, Donevan 8
Paul Dwyer: Phil MacDonald 4TD, Steve Noonan TD, John Kelly 5C
Donevan: Bill Cook TD

Convener was Pat Pucknell.
Paul Dwyer coach: Mike Powers
Top eight teams qualified for Quarter-finals with the top four finishers (starting with first place) were allowed to choose their quarter-final opponent.
Anderson failed to pick up a first down in their quarter-final game against Donevan.
The final was the first all Oshawa championship in ten years as 1982 saw an end to the two division format which saw the City of Oshawa champions play the City of Oshawa Suburban champions.  This two division format had been used in all years except one when LOSSA tried a three tier system.
This was the final year of the Suburban / City format


East-West game was played September 17th.

September 24th
Pickering 28, Anderson 0 (conflicting report 38-6)
Pickering TD's: C. Baird, Joe Jordan, M. McCallister, Barry Saville
Henry Street 26, Uxbridge 0 (conflicting score 16-0)

September 29th
Henry Street 52, O'Neill 14
Anderson 34, Paul Dwyer 6

October 1st
Pickering 20, Donevan 0
Pickering:  Joe Jordan TD, Barry Saville TD, Kevin Thornton TD

October 3rd
Henry Street 34, Pickering 20

October 12th
Anderson 6, Uxbridge 4

October 21st
Donevan 30, O'Neill 15

October 28th
Anderson 7, GL Roberts 0
Henry Street 41, Donevan 12

Prior to November 3rd
Pickering 36, Paul Dwyer 20

Final Standings
1st: Henry Street 6-0
2nd: Pickering
3rd: Paul Dwyer
? O'Neill 3-3

Henry Street 43, O'Neill 13
Paul Dwyer 6, Uxbridge 0
Pickering 40, McLaughlin 8 (conflicting report 42-8)
Donevan 25, Anderson 13

Wednesday, November 10th
Pickering 28, Paul Dwyer 6
Henry Street 36, Donevan 0

Henry Street 26, Pickering 13 (OT)
Henry Street: Iannerilli TD, Tom Clark TD, Tony Calabrese C
Pickering: Kevin Thornton TD, Barry Saville TD, Jeff Baird C

Henry Street's Junior team matched their Senior Team by going undefeated in league play.
In the Championship game, Henry Street tied the game up with 1:18 left on the clock as Tom Clark scored a major and Tony Calabrese added the point after.  The two time defending champions (Pickering) would find themselves deep in Henry Street territory with seconds remaining.  Much to the dismay of the Pickering coach, rather than punting for a single, the offense elected to attempt a field goal.  The field goal attempt was wide and Henry Street was able to get the ball out of the end zone to force overtime.