1983 Season


Pre-Season East-West Game

September 15th




O'Neill 18 Uxbridge 0
Donevan 6 Henry Street 6
McLaughlin 0 Anderson 18
Eastdale 0 Pickering 24
Paul Dwyer 12 Pickering 18

Final :




Regular Season

Wednesday, September 21st
Paul Dwyer 33, Eastdale 14

Thursday, September 22nd
Donevan 26, O'Neill 8
Uxbridge 21, Anderson 14

Friday, September 23rd (estimated)
Pickering 38, McLaughlin 0

Tuesday, September 27th:
Henry Street 24, Paul Dwyer 7

Thursday, September 29th
Anderson 21, Eastdale 0
O'Neill 34, McLaughlin 12

Friday, September 30th:
Pickering 34, Donevan 7
Pickering: Bruce Kovack 2TD; Rich Smith TD; Kevin Street TD; Graeme Baird 4C
Donevan: Garth Peet TD; Rob Barton C

Tuesday, October 4th
Henry Street 28, Uxbridge 7

Thursday, October 6th
O'Neill 42, Anderson 12 (conflicting score 40-12)
Donevan 21, Paul Dwyer 13

Friday, October 7th
Henry Street 25, Eastdale 12

Wednesday, October 12th
Paul Dwyer 27, McLaughlin 7

Thursday, October 13th (8th Annual Mayors Cup Game)
Henry Street 26, Anderson 0

Friday, October 14th
Pickering 29, Uxbridge 12

Tuesday, October 18th
O'Neill 22, Pickering 19
O'Neill: Troy Mills TD; Paul Laurito TD; Mike Henley TD; Charles Brand 3C, S
Pickering: Cameron Baird 2TD, C; Marco Arbour TD

Thursday, October 20th
Paul Dwyer 7, Uxbridge 0

Friday, October 21st:
Pickering 20, Henry Street 0
Pickering: Bruce Kovack 2TD; Kevin Thornton TD; Rich Smith 2C
O'Neill 28, Eastdale 13

Tuesday, October 25th
McLaughlin 15, Anderson 13
Donevan defeated Uxbridge by a touchdown

Thursday, October 27th
Paul Dwyer 34, O'Neill 20

Friday, October 28th
Henry Street 40, McLaughlin 0

Date Unknown
Uxbridge 25, Eastdale 0

Wednesday, November 2nd
Pickering 42, Anderson 0
Henry Street 32, McLaughlin 0
Donevan 20, Uxbridge 7
O'Neill 14, Paul Dwyer 7
O'Neill: Dan Polon 2TD, S; Charles Brand C
Paul Dwyer: Currie TD; Louie Pawlikowski C

Pickering 24, O'Neill 7
Henry Street 21, Donevan 19 (OT)

Pickering 27, Henry Street 6
Pickering: Bruce Kovacs 4TD; Rich Smith 3C
Henry Street: Colin O'Hare TD

Convener: Bill Widdis (O'Neill)
Henry Street captured their eighth consecutive Mayor's Cup on October 13th.
Standings on October 13th per the Oshawa Times: Henry Street 3-0; Pickering 2-0; Donevan 2-1; O'Neill 2-1; Paul Dwyer 2-2; Uxbridge 1-1; Anderson 1-2; McLaughlin 0-3; Eastdale 0-3
Before losing to Pickering, Henry Street was undefeated with a record of 4-0.
O'Neill and Dwyer both finished the season with 4-2 records.
In the Championship game, Bruce Kovacks scored all four touchdowns for Pickering and was rewarded with the Championship Game MVP award.
1984 Oshawa Times article noted that McLaughlin went 1-7 in 1983.



Regular Season

Wednesday, September 21st
Paul Dwyer 22, Eastdale 0

Friday, September 23rd
Donevan 29, Bowmanville 0

Saturday, September 24th (prior to)
Henry Street 27, O'Neill 26

Tuesday, September 27th
Henry Street 39, Eastdale 0 (conflicting score 40-0)

Thursday, September 29th
O'Neill 28, McLaughlin 0

Thursday, September 29th (estimated)
Uxbridge 12, Bowmanville 7

Friday, September 30th
Donevan 31, Pickering 6

Tuesday, October 4th
Henry Street 15, Uxbridge 0
Uxbridge: Jason Deer TD; Steve Oliver TD; Chris Reier 2C; Scott Tutton S

Thursday, October 6th
Donevan 8, Paul Dwyer 6

Friday, October 7th
Pickering 38, Eastdale 14

Wednesday, October 12th
Paul Dwyer 12, McLaughlin 0
Paul Dwyer: Mike Kreibeich TD; Dave McAllister TD

Thursday, October 13th (estimated)
Pickering played Uxbridge

Tuesday, October 18th (estimated)
Donevan defeated Uxbridge

Thursday, October 20th
Paul Dwyer 38, Uxbridge 0
Henry Street 34, Bowmanville 7

Thursday, October 27th
Donevan played Henry Street

Dates Unknown (prior to October 28th)
O'Neill 41, Eastdale 0

Dates Unknown (November 3rd)
Uxbridge 21, McLaughlin 12

Thursday, November 3rd
Donevan 26, Bowmanville 0
Henry Street 27, McLaughlin 6

Friday, November 4th
O'Neill 14, Pickering 0
Paul Dwyer 14, Uxbridge 0

Wednesday, November 9th
Donevan 7, O'Neill 6
Donevan: Jason Greentree TD; Dave Webster S
O'Neill: Brad Hancock TD
Henry Street 13, Paul Dwyer 7

Donevan 6, Henry Street 0

Donevan finished the season undefeated.
Donevan roster included: Jason Greentree, Gord Vall.  Coach: Bert Hoefs
Standings on October 13th per the Oshawa Times: Donevan 3-0; Henry Street 3-0; Paul Dwyer 3-1; O'Neill 2-1; Pickering 2-1: Uxbridge 2-1; McLaughlin 1-3; Eastdale 0-3; Bowmanville 0-3 (wins do not balance losses)
In the semi-final, Donevan prevailed by a point over O'Neill when Dave Webster punted the ball through the end zone with 14 seconds remaining.