1984 Season


Annual East-West game was played but unable to find a summary.

Regular Season

Wednesday, September 19th
Henry Street 6, Paul Dwyer 0
Henry Street: Tonny Lazzaro TD

September 20th
McLaughlin 12, Eastdale 10
Donevan 37, O'Neill 1

Thursday, September 27th
Paul Dwyer 20, Pickering 0
Donevan 19, Uxbridge 0

Friday, September 28th
Eastdale 50, Bowmanville 0
Henry Street 35, O'Neill 7

Friday, October 5th
Donevan 7, McLaughlin 6

Thursday, October 11th
Donevan 36, Eastdale 6

Henry Street defeated Uxbridge (per Uxbridge Journal October 17th edition)

Pickering defeated McLaughlin 43-0- (per Ajax News Advertiser November 7th edition)

Final Standings
1 Donevan 5-0-1
2 Henry Street 5-1
3 Paul Dwyer 5-1
4 Pickering
5 McLaughlin
6 Eastdale
7th through 9th (order unknown) Uxbridge, O'Neill, Bowmanville

Donevan 18, Pickering 8
Paul Dwyer 33, Henry Street 6

LOSSA Senior Championship played Saturday, November 10th at Oshawa Civic Stadium.
Paul Dwyer 21, Donevan 0
Paul Dwyer: Greg MacDonald 2TD, Doug Watson TD

After losing their opening game of the season to Henry Street, Paul Dwyer would win their next eight games to capture the LOSSA Championship.
O'Neill would finish without a win.
LOSSA Championship Game MVP: Dean Scrivanich (Paul Dwyer)



September 19th
Henry Street 15, Paul Dwyer 14

September 20th
Donevan 32, O'Neill 7
McLaughlin 28, Eastdale 6
McLaughlin: Ron Hamilton 4TD, 2ptC; Dave Nagy 2C
Eastdale: Steve Smith TD

September 21st
Bowmanville 18, G.L. Roberts 9

Thursday, September 27th
Donevan 47, Uxbridge 7 (conflicting score 44-7)

Friday, September 28th
Henry Street 21, O'Neill 6
Bowmanville 54, Eastdale 0

October 4th
O'Neill 36, Eastdale 6

Friday, October 5th
Donevan 42, McLaughlin 0 (conflicting score 46-0)

Thursday, October 11th
Donevan 45, Eastdale 0

Regular Season
Uxbridge defeated Henry Street (per Uxbridge Journal October 17th edition)

November 1st
Paul Dwyer 32, Uxbridge 16

Last Regular Season Game
Donevan 28, Henry Street 22

Date Unknown
Pickering 34, Paul Dwyer 14

1st: Pickering undefeated
2nd: Donevan
3rd: O'Neill 4-2
4th: Paul Dwyer
5th: Uxbridge
6th: Henry Street 3-3
7th: Bowmanville 3-3
8th on: GL Roberts, McLaughlin, Eastdale (best guess(

Henry Street 19, O'Neill 0
Paul Dwyer 32, Uxbridge 16
Byes: Pickering, Donevan

Paul Dwyer 27, Pickering 12
Donevan 35, Henry Street 12

LOSSA Junior Championship
Donevan 29, Paul Dwyer 0

In their final regular season game, Henry Street trailed Donevan 28-0 at the end of three quarters.  A fourth quarter rally saw Henry Street put 22 unanswered points on the board.  Although Henry Street did not win the game, the points scored gave them a plus/minus advantage over Bowmanville with whom they tied for sixth place.  This allowed Henry Street to advance to the playoffs while Bowmanville failed to qualify.