1985 Season



East-West Game

East   West  
McLaughlin 6 Uxbridge 0
Paul Dwyer 8 Henry Street 22
Donevan 0 Pickering 12
O'Neill 6 Eastdale 0
  20   34

Regular Season Scores


September 19th
Pickering 22, O'Neill 7
Henry Street 21, Paul Dwyer 7
Henry Street: Tom Clarke 2TD; Dave Imeson TD; Nick Moschella 3C
Paul Dwyer: Brian Kelly TD; Pat Mastrangelo C

September 20th
Donevan 47, Eastdale 0
McLaughlin at Uxbridge

McLaughlin 14, Eastdale 6

September 26th
Henry Street 48, Uxbridge 0
Donevan 17, Pickering 14

September 27th
Paul Dwyer 28, O'Neill 7
O'Neill: Scott Westley TD

O'Neill 28, Uxbridge 0

October 3rd
Eastdale 18, Uxbridge 7
Eastdale: Jim Burkitt 2TD; Matt Kolodzie TD

October 4th
Paul Dwyer 7, Donevan 0
Paul Dwyer: Steve Szagala TD

October 8th
Henry Street 36, O'Neill 8

October 11th?
Henry Street 33, McLaughlin 6

October 15th?
Donevan 14, O'Neill 0
Donevan: Scott Lee TD; Andy Beggs TD

October 18th
O'Neill 14, Eastdale 7
Henry Street 21, Donevan 18 (conflicting score 21-14)
Paul Dwyer 41, Uxbridge 0
Paul Dwyer: Doug Watson 2TD; Peter Riordan TD; Brian Kelly TD; Joe Malorane TD; Pat Mastrangell TD

October 24th
Henry Street 22, Eastdale 13 (conflicting score 15-13)
Pickering 21, Paul Dwyer 19

October 25th
McLaughlin 12, O'Neill 7
Donevan 20, Uxbridge 0 (conflicting score 24-0)
Donevan: Wayde Marriott TD; Gord Vail TD; Mike Masse TD

October 30th
Dwyer 27, Eastdale 0

October 31st
McLaughlin 35, Donevan 7
Uxbridge played at Pickering

Date Unknown
Pickering 35, Henry Street 21

November 5th
Henry Street 21, Donevan 0
(played in Whibty)
Henry Street: Ron O'Keefe 2TD; 2ptC; Paul Smalley TD; Dave Rowntree C
Pickering 21, McLaughlin 0
(played in Pickering)
Pickering: Marco Arbour TD, 2ptC; Jeff Street TD; Darrin Cordes TD; Cam Baird S

Championship Game
November 9th
Henry Street 1, Pickering 0
Henry Street: Greg Ianharilli S

O'Neill coach: Bill Widdis
The O'Neill win over Uxbridge ended a nine game losing streak dating back to 1983
Following the Henry Street win over O'Neill, Henry Street was 4-0 while O'Neill was 1-3
Final best guess standings: Pickering 6-1; Henry Street 6-1; Donevan 4-3; McLaughlin 4-3(?); Paul Dwyer 4-3 (?); O'Neill 2-5; Eastdale 1-6(?); Uxbirdge 0-7
Championship game was played in heavy rains and bitterly cold conditions.  Henry Street scored the only point they needed on a 40 yard punt in the second quarter.  Pickering did attempt two fields.  The first was a fake which a bad snap foiled while the second was no good and Henry Street returned the ball out of the end zone.
League MVP was Cam Baird (Pickering)




East-West Game

Five different matches starting with Donevan vs. Henry Street and finishing with O'Neill vs. Pickering.

September 19th
Pickering 22, O'Neill 7
Henry Street 27, Paul Dwyer 0

September 20th
Donevan at Eastdale
G.L. Roberts at Uxbridge

September 26th
Donevan 18, Pickering 0

September 27th
Paul Dwyer 38, O'Neill 8
O'Neill: Dan McCullough TD

Uxbridge 50, O'Neill 16

October 1st
Donevan 34, GL Roberts 6

October (between September 26th and October 10th)
Donevan 35, Paul Dwyer 20

October 8th
Henry Street 45, O'Neill 18

October 10th
Donevan 56, O'Neill 6 (conflicting score 51-6)

October 11th
Henry Street 37, Bowmanville 6

October 18th
Henry Street 30, Donevan 0

October 21st
GL Roberts defeated O'Neill
Bowmanville played at Uxbridge

October 24th
Pickering 12, Dwyer 8
Henry Street defeated Eastdale

October 25th
Donevan 22, Uxbridge 13 (conflicting score 15-13)
Bowmanville defeated O'Neill

October 30th (?)
Bowmanville 18, Donevan 14

October 30th
Eastdale played Paul Dwyer

October 31st
Uxbridge played at Pickering

Date unknown
Henry Street 35, Pickering 6
Donevan defeated Dwyer Halloween eve ... (Jr or Sr?)

Henry Street 14, Pickering 0
(at Henry Street)
Donevan 14, Uxbridge 0
(at Donevan)

Championship Game
Donevan 16, Henry Street 7
Donevan: Hayden Vialva TD; Blaine Greenshields TD; Karl Dyer 2-2ptC
Henry Street: Rob Farrell TD; Dean Alexander C

Donevan was undefeated following their October 10th win.
Henry Street 6-1; Donevan 5-2 (assume top two as both hosted semi-final games); Uxbridge; Pickering; Bowmanville (?); Paul Dwyer (?); GL Roberts (?); Eastdale (?)O'Neill 0-7
Karl Dyer (Donevan) Championship Game MVP ... second consecutive year