1986 Season


Regular Season

September 17th
O'Neill 21, Dunbarton 3
O'Neill: Scott Westley TD, 3C; Dean Casey TD; Doug Linklater TD

September 18th
Donevan 16, Henry Street 0
Dwyer 14, G.L. Roberts 12
Dwyer: Joe Malorano 2TD, 2PtC
G.L. Roberts: Trevor Burke TD; Mike Watson TD

September 19th
Pickering 10, O'Neill 0
Pickering: Bob Jackson TD; Dave Collie FG, C
Uxbridge 14, Brock 7

September 23rd
Dunbarton 7, Henry Street 6
Pickering 21, Dwyer 0
Uxbridge 34, GL Roberts 0

September 26th
Donevan 12, O'Neill 6
Donevan: Karl Dyer TD; Hayden Vialva TD
O'Neill: Scott Westley TD

October 3rd
Donovan 15, Dwyer 0

October 8th
Pickering 14, Dunbarton 8
Pickering: Sheldon Roberts TD; Kevin McNiff TD
Dunbarton: Andrew Murray TD

Prior to October 15th
Pickering 45, G. L. Roberts 0
Pickering 14, Uxbridge 0

October 15th
Henry Street 34, Anderson 13

October 16th
Henry Street 13, Paul Dwyer 6

October 17th
Dunbarton 27, Uxbridge 15
Dunbarton: Arthur Robinson 3TD; Andrew Murray TD; Stewart Dobbs 3C
Uxbridge: Tim Gross TD; Dave Henderson TD

October 22nd
Paul Dwyer 22, Dunbarton 0

October 30th
Henry Street 42, Dunbarton 3

Donevan 30, Henry Street 9 (overtime)
Pickering 41, O'Neill 12

Pickering 22, Donevan 15 (double overtime)

Post Season
DYSSA Championship
Markham 35, Pickering 26

Metro Bowl Semi-final
Victoria Park 27, Pickering 8

A 1987 LOSSA preview in the Oshawa Times (September 17th) detailed the following 1986 records: Donevan (undefeated), O'Neill (5-2), Paul Dwyer (5-3), GL Roberts (1-7).
Coach Paul Dwyer: Mike Powers
Coach G.L. Roberts: Craig Matthie
Following the October 3rd game, Donevan was 3-0
On October 17th, Dunbarton, who returned after a three year absence, won their fourth game of the season and qualified for the playoffs.
League MVP: Marco Arbour, Pickering
LOSSA Championship Game MVP: Kevin McNiff
Pickering would actually lose twice after winning the championship.  In the inaugural York-Durham game, Markham prevailed by a score of 35-26.  Following the withdrawal by Woburn, Pickering was awarded a berth in the Metro Bowl semi-finals where they were defeated by Victoria Park by a score of 27-8.


Regular Season

September 18th
Paul Dwyer 58, Eastdale 0

September 23rd
Paul Dwyer 30, Pickering 0
Eastdale played Uxbridge

Prior to September 27th
McLaughlin 1, Pickering 0

October 1st
McLaughlin played in Bowmanville

October 3rd
Dwyer 22, Donevan 1


Paul Dwyer 12, Donevan 8
Uxbridge defeated Bowmanville

LOSSA Junior Championship Game
Paul Dwyer 34, Uxbridge 30

Uxbridge scored 49 points in their semi-final game.
The Championship Game featured a battle between two previously undefeated teams.  Paul Dwyer led 34-13 entering the final quarter however a furious Uxbridge rally saw the Tigers close the gap to four.