1988 Season


Regular Season

September 23rd
Paul Dwyer 21, Donevan 14
Paul Dwyer: Felix Niera TD, 3C; Jason Rideout TD; Andy Leblanc TD
Donevan: Ewan Walker TD; Mike Walker TD; Steve Marriott 2ptC

September 27th
Pickering 25, Paul Dwyer 6
Pickering: Paul Duncan 3TD; Brian Mathers FG, 3C, S
Paul Dwyer: Sean Morris TD

Unkown but early in season
GL Roberts 28, Henry Street 6

September 29th
O'Neill 27, Henry Street 12

September 30th
Paul Dwyer 14, Uxbridge 7
Paul Dwyer: Donne Joskow 2TD; Felix Niera 2C
Uxbridge 7: Pete Brown TD; Greg Cook C

Pickering 55, Dunbarton 0

Donevan 39, GL Roberts 7

October 6th
Paul Dwyer 40, Dunbarton 0
Paul Dwyer: Andy Leblanc 2TD; Don Joskow 2TD; Jason LaMothe TD; Jason Rideout TD; Felix Niera 4C

Pickering 62, Henry Street 0

October 13th
Pickering 53, Donevan 18

October 18th
Uxbridge 32, Dunbarton 6
Uxbridge: Peter Brown TD; Art Lewis TD; Grant Klosterman TD; Ron Woolhead TD; Mike Klose TD; Greg Cook C, S
Dunbarton: Ken Dobbs TD

October 20th
Paul Dwyer 40, GL Roberts 6
Paul Dwyer: Andy Leblanc 2TD; Jason Rideout 2TD; Felix Niera TD, 2C; Sean Morris TD; Lewis Amato 2ptC
GL Roberts: Trevor Burke TD

Pickering 42, O'Neill 21
Pickering: Keith Murray 3TD; Paul Duncan 2TD; Jayson Griffiths TD; Stuart Bridle 4C
O'Neill: Rogers Owens 2TD; Greg Nekkers TD; Dan McCullough 2C

October 28th (Ajax News Advertiser reported)
Pickering 22, GL Roberts 7

Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied Points
Pickering 7 0 0 14
Paul Dwyer 6 1 0 12
Donevan 5 2 0 10
Uxbridge 4 3 0 8
GL Roberts 2 4 1 5
O'Neill 2 5 0 4
Dunbarton 1 5 1 3
Henry Street 0 7 0 0


Pickering 34, Uxbridge 12
Paul Dwyer 34, Donevan 12

Pickering 23, Paul Dwyer 19
Pickering: Kevin McNiff 3TD, Stuart Brindle 2C, Brett Mathers S, Team SFT

DYSSA Championship
Pickering 26, King City 13

Metro Bowl (Semi-final)
Pickering 9, Stephen Leacock 7

Metro Bowl Championship
Central Tech. 16, Pickering 10

League championship MVP was Kevin McNiff (Pickering).  Pickering held a 21-7 lead at the half which was reduced to 21-19 by Paul Dwyer in the third quarter.


Regular Season

November 2nd (Ajax News Advertiser reported)
Pickeirng 48, Eastdale 0

November 2nd
Dunbarton 31, Henry Street 12
Dunbarton: Jeremy Stewart 4TD; Rick Lue TD; Fred Cosgrove C
Henry Street: Andrew Hoffman 2TD

Donevan 23, Pickering 0

LOSSA Championship
Donevan 14, Dunbarton 7

DYSSA Championship
Newmarket 20, Donevan 14
Newmarket: Ian Hill 2TD, 2C; Ryan Sutherland TD
Donevan: Allan McIntosh TD, 2ptC; Adam Fox TD

Dunbarton's Junior team finished the regular season undefeated and untied in six games.