1992 Season


League games:

September 22nd
Pickering 21, Dunbarton 6

September 24th
Henry Street 19, Uxbridge 6

September 25th
Paul Dwyer 34, Pickering 6
Pickering: Damian Bowen TD

Date Unknown
Henry Street 19, Dunbarton 8

October 1st
Pickering 45, Uxbridge 12

October 2nd
Paul Dwyer 35, Dunbarton 14

October 8th
Dunbarton 7, Uxbridge 3

October 9th
Paul Dwyer 13, Henry Street 12

October 15th
Paul Dwyer 26, Uxbridge 6 (conflicting score 27-6)

October 26th
Henry Street 26, Paul Dwyer 14

Prior to October 28th
Henry Street 14, Uxbridge 13

October 29th
Dunbarton 14, Uxbridge 13

October 30th
Paul Dwyer 28, Pickering 26

Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied Points
Paul Dwyer 5 1 0 14
Pickering 4 2 0 14
Henry Street 4 2 0 10
Dunbarton 2 4 0 4
Uxbridge 0 6 0 0


Paul Dwyer 34, Dunbarton 12
Pickering 35, Henry Street 0
Pickering: Damian Bowen 2TD; Kevin Sylvester TD; Sean Williams TD; Brian Kirton TD; Kevin Forde TD; Matt Muir 5C

Paul Dwyer 7, Pickering 6
Paul Dwyer: Keith D'Andrede TD; Paul Amodeo C
Pickering:  Damien Bowen TD

Post Season Play
Markham (York Region) defeated Paul Dwyer

Three teams dropped their football programs in 1992. 
Left with only five teams, each team would play a six game schedule.  This meant that two opponents would be played once while the other opponents would be played twice by each team.  For the games where the teams only played once, a win was worth four points.
The 34-6 victory by Dwyer over Pickering ended a five year losing drought for the Saints against the Trojans. 
Pickering roster included Quarterback Cameron Lee.
Uxbridge roster included Andrew Kinapen.



Prior to October 14th
Uxbridge 42, Dunbarton 7

Prior to October 21st
Uxbridge 20, Paul Dwyer 10

Prior to October 28th
Uxbridge 36, O'Neill 8

Pickering 20, Uxbridge 13 (played November 4th)
Paul Dwyer 2, Pine Ridge 0 ... see note below

Championship Game
Pine Ridge 6, Pickering 3

DYSSA Championship
Markham 20, Pine Ridge 7

There were actually two Junior Championship games played in 1992.  In the first game Paul Dwyer defeated Pickering by a score of 15-13.  They were subsequently stripped of the league title for using two ineligible players.  Dwyer had eliminated Pine Ridge in semi-final play by a score of 2-0 with both points scored by one of the ineligible players so Pine Ridge and Pickering played an additional game with Pine Ridge winning by a score of 6-3.
The Pine Ridge team captured the Championship in their first year of operation.
Pine Ridge roster included: Andy Carnovale (Coach), Ryan Bennett, Junior Carter, Ian Neblett, Dereck Northcott, Amberley Small and Alvin Thompson.
Uxbridge roster included: Matt Harding