1993 Season


East-West Game included:
Dunbarton 6, Henry Street 0
Pickering 6, Paul Dwyer 0

League games:

September 23rd
Pickering 50, Uxbridge 0

September 24th
Dunbarton 13, O'Neill 0
Dunbarton: Shane Rosati 2TD; Chris McKee C
Paul Dwyer 14, Donevan 0

September 30th
Donevan 15, Dunbarton 7
Donevan: Ben Wray 2TD; Paul Salazar 2C, S
Dunbarton: Sean Perry TD; Chris McKee C

October 1st
Paul Dwyer 34, Uxbridge 0

Pickering 35, Donevan 3

October 12th
Pickering 68, Henry Street 0
Pickering: Nathanial Covent 3TD; Damien Bowen 2TD; Shawn Williams 2TD

October 15th
Pickering 29, Paul Dwyer 7 (conflicting score 29-9)

October 21st
Paul Dwyer 44, O'Neill 1

October 29th
Pickering 67, O'Neill 1
Pickering: Shawn Williams 4TD
Paul Dwyer 33, Henry Street 7


Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied Points
Pickering 6 0 0 12
Paul Dwyer 5 1 0 10
Dunbarton 3 3 0 6
Henry Street 2 4 0 4
Donevan 2 4 0 4
Uxbridge 2 4 0 4
O'Neill 1 5 0 2


Pickering 53, Henry Street 0
Pickering: Nathanial Covent 2TD; Andrew Jackson 2TD; Shawn Williams TD; Damien Bowen TD; Rob Horstman FG, 7C, S
Paul Dwyer 20, Dunbarton 19
Paul Dwyer: Paul Hillock TD, Derrick Butler C
Dunbarton: Sean Perry TD; Brian Vickers TD, Chris McGee 2FG, C

Final Played November 6th at Oshawa Civic Stadium
Pickering 40, Paul Dwyer 0
Pickering: Nathaniel Convent 2TD; Damien Bowen 2TD; Terrance Alphonse TD; Marty McCarron 2PtC; Rob Horstman FG; S, 4C

Post Season Play
Durham-York Secondary School Athletic Association (DYSSAA) Football Championship
Pickering 42, Markham (York Region) 13

Metro Bowl Semi-final
St. Michael's College Kerry Blues (TDCCA) 14, Pickering 7

Over the course of the season Pickering scored 304 points while allowing 13.
In the semi-final game, Dunbarton overcame a 13-3 half time deficit to take a six point lead before giving up the game tying touchdown with 27 seconds remaining.  The successful convert advanced Dwyer to the Championship game.
Paul Dwyer made it to the Championship game despite having only 16 players in uniform.
League MVP: John Dulny (Pickering); Cameron Lee (Pickering) - tie
Toronto Star First All Star Team Members: John Dulny (Pickering: OLB); Derrick Butler (Dwyer: DB)
Toronto Star Second All Star Team Members: Dwayne Spence (Pickering: DE), Terrence Alphonse (Pickering: LB), Dave Dulny (Pickering: OT), Marty McCarron (Pickering: TE) and Andrew Jackson (Pickering: DB)


Wednesday prior to October 3rd
Pine Ridge 53, Denis O'Connor 6
Denis O'Connor: Wesley Bagshaw TD

October 5th:
Dunbarton 13, Denis O'Connor 13
Dunbarton: Bruno Axevedo 2TD
Denis O'Connor: Wes Bagshaw TD, C; Pat Danquah TD

October 8th:
Paul Dwyer played Denis O'Connor

Pickering 32, Paul Dwyer 6
Pine Ridge 27, Dunbarton 18

Pine Ridge 35, Pickering 31

Denis O'Connor was coached by Brian Hughes who was the school principal
When Denis O'Connor played Paul Dwyer, this was the first football game played in the history of LOSSA between two Durham Region Catholic Schools.