1994 Season


League games:

Played the Friday before October 5th
Uxbridge 22, Henry Street 14

October 28th
Pickering 38, Henry Street 6

Paul Dwyer 6, Pine Ridge 3
Dunbarton 17, Henry Street 1
Pickering 33, Uxbridge 0
Pickering 21, Dunbarton 9

Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied Points
Pickering 6 0 0 12
Dunbarton 5 1 0 10
Paul Dwyer 3 3 0 6
Henry Street 3 3 0 6
Uxbridge 3 3 0 6
O'Neill 1 5 0 2
Pine Ridge 0 6 0 0


Pickering 56, Henry Street 6
Dunbarton 17, Paul Dwyer 0

LOSSA Senior Championship Game - Played November 5th at Oshawa Civic Stadium
Pickering 32, Dunbarton 9
Pickering: Nathanial Covent 2TD, Rob Hortsman TD, 2C, Khory Adams TD, Damien Bowen TD. 
Dunbarton: Adam Van Slavin TD; Ken Bruce 2PtC. 

Post Season Play
Metro Bowl Quarter-final
Pickering 40, Woburn (Scarborough) 0

Metro Bowl Semi-final
Northern (Toronto) 8, Pickering 7
Pickeirng: Terrence Alphonso TD

League MVP: Theron Walker (Dunbarton)
Championship Game MVP: Nathaniel Covent (PIckering)
The Uxbridge win over Henry Street was their first win against the Whitby school in four years.
Denis O'Connor did field a team, with Brian Hughes coaching, but they decided to play exhibition games rather than compete in LOSSA where they had competed in the Junior Division during 1993.
In the Metro Bowl Semi-final, trailing by one with four seconds left, Pickering attempted a 39 yard field goal.  The attempt was wide and Pickering earned a single, which would have tied the game at 8-8.  On the play, Northern was penalized and Pickering elected to retry the field goal from the 34.  A high snap resulted in a poor placement and Pickering would not score on the play sending Northern to the Metro Bowl final.


September 23rd
Pickering 33, Uxbridge 0

Prior to October 5th (Friday previous)
Henry Street 27, Uxbridge 13