2001 Season

League games:

September 21st
St. Mary 35, Dunbarton 0 (conflicting report 34-0)
Sinclair 28, Exeter 6 (conflicting score 28-5)
Denis O'Connor 26, Bowmanville 0
Henry Street 63, Pickering 3
Pine Ridge 8, Uxbridge 7
Bye: Paul Dwyer

September 25th
Paul Dwyer 15, Bowmanville 0
Henry Street 40, Uxbridge 0 (conflicting score 42-0)

September 28th
Henry Street 42, Exeter 6 (conflicting score 44-6)
Denis O'Connor 35, Sinclair 12
Uxbridge 18, Bowmanville 6

October 3rd
St. Mary 41, Uxbridge 7
Denis O'Connor 40, Exeter 13

October 4th
Dunbarton 34, Paul Dwyer 0

October 5th
Sinclair 40, Pickering 25

October 9th
Dunbarton 13, Sinclair 13

October 11th
St. Mary 29, Henry Street 16 (conflicting score 29-13)

October 12th
Denis O'Connor 32, Paul Dwyer 7
Uxbridge 19, Pickering 7

October 18th
Henry Street 43, Dunbarton 14 (conflicting score 43-13)
Pine Ridge 42, Denis O'Connor 21

October 19th
St. Mary 36, Bowmanville 0

October 24th
St. Mary 40, Pickering 12
Bowmanville 34, Dunbarton 6
Uxbridge 21, Paul Dwyer 3

October 25th
Paul Dwyer 28, Exeter 15

October 26th
Henry Street 44, Sinclair 7 (conflicting score 42-20)

Date Unknown (reported October 6th in Pickering News Advertiser)
St. Mary 14, Pine Ridge 0 ... both teams were 5-0 before this game

Date Unknown

Pickering 28, Exeter 7 (?)
Bowmanville defeated Pickering

November 2nd
St. Mary 28, Sinclair 0
Henry Street 54, Paul Dwyer 0

Date Unknown
Pine Ridge closed out regular season with a game against Exeter


Final Standings
1st: St. Mary 7-0
2nd: Henry Street 6-1
3rd: Pine Ridge
4th: Denis O'Connor
5th: Dunbarton
6th: Sinclair 2-4-1
7th: Bowmanville
8th: Uxbridge
9th-11th: Exeter, Paul Dwyer, Pickering (alphabetically listed)

Tier I Semi-finals: November 6th
St. Mary 41, Denis O'Connor 0
Henry Street 46, Pine Ridge 11

Tier I Final
St. Mary 41, Henry Street 12

Tier II Semi-finals
Sinclair 25, Bowmanville 20
Dunbarton 22, Uxbirdge 7

Tier II Final
Sinclair 22, Dunbarton 1

Post Season Play

Golden Horseshoe Bowl Quarter-final
St. Mary 27, Notre Dame (Welland) 23
St. Mary: Ryan D'Souza 2TD; Ryaan McMillan 2TD; Dean Okrasa 3C
Notre Dame: Mike Grnaz TD, 3C; A.J. Kennedy TD; Shane Stivoric TD; Chris Vanzel SFT

Golden Horseshoe Bowl Semi-final
St., Mary 28, Waterdown 14
t. Mary: Ryan D'Souza 2TD; James Judges TD; Sasha Glavic TD; Dean Okrasa 4C
Waterdown: Drew Williams TD; Kyle Williams TD; Jason Muscat 2C

Golden Horseshoe Bowl Championship
St. Andrews 35, St. Mary 21
St. Andrews: Donnovan Bennett 3TD; Brad Smith 2TD; Joel Ford 5C
St. Mary: Dane Okrasa TD, 3C; James Judges TD; Sasha Glavic TD

League MVP's: James Leckey (Denis O'Connor); Jason Pottinger (Henry Street)

Press Clippings

Championship Game: Toronto Star; David Grossman; November 11th

The Henry Street Hawks were looking, waiting and hoping for the St. Mary Monarchs to display just an ounce of vulnerability and a smidgeon of imperfection.

But miracles are rare and it never happened here yesterday in the Durham Region high school senior football championship. Instead, St. Mary dominated the game, recording a 41-12 victory, improving to 9- 0 and winning their third consecutive league title.

While a stingy St. Mary defence picked off three passes thrown by Dave Munns, the Glavic brothers- running back Sasha and quarterback Eric- powered an offensive response that capitalized on all three turnovers, putting this game out of reach early.

St. Mary didn't appear to miss star running back Ryaan McMillan (serving a three-day school suspension), because Dane Okrasa picked just the right time to have his best game as a Monarch.

With a number of university coaches keying in on the versatile Okrasa, the 6-foot-2, 230-pound bullish running back scored two touchdowns, galloped for 147 yards on 14 carries, and kicked three converts and a pair of singles.

"The offensive line did all the work and made things easy for us," praised the 18-year-old Okrasa. "We just ran where there was open space and it made for a fun day."

St. Mary coach Gord Judges, pleased that his offensive playbook capitalized on the Henry Street miscues, credited the power-running success of Okrasa for the lopsided win at Civic Field Stadium.

"The kid can do it all," said Judges, a former CFL player. "I've watched this kid develop as a player for five years and this was his finest hour as a Monarch."

While St. Mary scored on its first two drives of the game, the Monarchs added to a 21-0 half-time lead with two more touchdowns before the Hawks' Jason Pottinger, a provincially ranked rugby player, caught a five-yard TD pass from back-up quarterback Bruce Craine on the opening play of the fourth quarter to end the goose- egg.

"No question we struggled after missing a glorious scoring chance on the first play of the game that I'm convinced could have changed things," said Hawks coach Pat Pucknell, whose team ended the year at 7-2.

"The dropped balls hurt and our quarterback (Munns) tried to force things, but then those turnovers did us in{ellipsis}"

Munns, who completed 6 of 19 for 91 yards, found Mike Weir for a 22-yard TD strike in the closing minutes. "They threw a tough defence at us, I just couldn't get going and made some bad decisions that we paid for," said Munns.