2002 Season


League games:

Friday, September 19th
Denis O'Connor 54, Notre Dame 0 (conflicting score 57-0)
Denis O'Connor: Dan West 3TD; James Leckey 2TD, 2ptC; Paul Leckey TD, 2ptC; Keith Godding TD; Frank Aiello TD; Erik Martinez 2C

Friday, September 26th
St. Mary 52, Dunbarton 8
St. Mary: Erik Glavic 2TD; Eric Robinson 2TD; Triston Walker TD; J P Lambert 7C, FG; Ben Voss TD; Joe Dublin TD
Dunbarton: Jeff Murdoch TD, 2ptC

October 4th
St. Mary 47, Notre Dame 0

October 17th
Denis O'Connor defeated Henry Street

October 18th
Sinclair 13, Paul Dwyer 0
St. Mary 34, Pine Ridge 12
St. Mary: Joe Dublin 3TD; Erik Glavic 2TD; Ben Noss 4C
Pine Ridge: Amir Thompson TD; Brandon Pottle TD

October 31st
St. Mary 45, Pine Ridge 0
St. Mary: Tristan Walker 2TD; Ben Voss TD, FG, 6C; Joe Dublin TD; Mike Ceres TD; Erik Glavic TD

Dates Unknown
Henry Street 16, Ajax 6
St. Mary 49, Uxbridge 14
Henry Street defeated Bowmanville
Dunbarton defeated Ajax
Henry Street defeated Sinclair
Paul Dwyer defeated Henry Street
Denis O'Connor 31, Sinclair 14
St. Mary 47, Ajax 0
Denis O'Connor 28, Uxbridge 7
Ajax 21, Notre Dame 0
Dunbarton 22, Pine Ridge 7
Denis O'Connor 21, Paul Dwyer 20
Denis O'Connor 54, Bowmanville 27
Uxbridge defeated Henry Street

Tier II Semi-final
Uxbridge defeated Henry Street

Tier II Final
Uxbridge 10, Paul Dwyer 7
Uxbridge: Rob Halka TD; James Whyte FG
Paul Dwyer: Lee Deboo TD; Alex Nela C

Tier I Semi-finals
Tuesday, November 5th
St. Mary 44, Sinclair 0
Dunbarton 18, Denis O'Connor 6

Tier I Final
St. Mary 21, Dunbarton 14
St. Mary: Aaron Racioppa 2TD; Joe Dublin T; Ben Voss 2C; Ryan Mungal S
Dunbarton: Oliver Salmon TD; Ryan Bardgett TD; Jesse Athwell 2C

Post Season Play

Golden Horseshoe Bowl Semi-final
Lakeshore Catholic 27, St, Mary 14


Pickering did not field a Senior team.
Co-League MVPS: Erik Glavic (St. Mary Monarchs); James Leckey (Denis O'Connor Chargers)
Denis O'Connor finished first in the East division going undefeated while St. Mary went undefeated in the West.
The Monarchs had two Toronto Star All Stars on their team, namely: Yannick Carter (DB) and Alex Ferreira (DT).  A third LOSSA player (Alex Thompson, Pine Ridge, DE) was also selected on that team.  Dunbarton stars included: Oliver Salmon, Ryan Bardgett and Jesse Athwell.  St. Mary advanced to the Golden Horseshoe playdowns where they were eliminated by Lakeshore Catholic (Port Colborne) by a score of 27-14. 

Press Clippings

November 10th, Toronto Star, David Grossman  Senior Championship Game

For the St. Mary Monarchs, a high school football team that has beaten opponents by an average of 40 points this year, their latest win was too close for comfort.

Chalk up a fourth consecutive Durham Region senior championship for the boys from Pickering, but a 21-14 victory over a stubborn Dunbarton Spartans squad- a neighbourhood rival the Monarchs beat 52- 8 earlier in the year- even had head coach and former CFL lineman Gord Judges counting his blessings.

Tailback Joe Dublin, who had 25 carries for 171 yards, capped an 11-play, 109-yard drive, scoring the winning touchdown on a five- yard scamper with 5: 31 to play in the game at Civic Fields.

St. Mary quarterback Erik Glavic, who eluded a swarming Dunbarton defence looking to sack the 16-year-old for a safety, came up with the play of the game from his one-yard line: a 44-yard pass to tight end J.P. Lambert.

"The pass was a gutsy play all the way, just a fabulous call," Judges said. "But Dublin, when this kid came to us it was like a gift, he just got fired up after that pass and got us the points we needed."

The Spartans squad finished their year with a 6-2 record.

"We didn't expect them to be that good and maybe we were too confident coming in," said Dublin, who has 15 touchdowns for the 8- 0 Monarchs. "I was wrong. They gave us a wake-up call and almost stole it away from us."

After a Ryan Mungal single to put St. Mary up on its opening drive, Glavic, on a broken play, tossed his first of two passes to Aaron Racioppa for TDs. But Dunbarton stormed back with two touchdowns in the second quarter.

"It was a dogfight; we thought we'd win it handily, but (the pass to Lambert) was a crucial play, all the credit in the world to him and Dublin was superb," Glavic said.

Oliver Salmon scored on a one-yard plunge for Dunbarton followed by quarterback Ryan Bardgett, who converted a fourth-and-five gamble to leave St. Mary trailing.

"One pivotal play, that pass, was the turning point of the game," said Dunbarton coach Jamie Brown of Glavic's play. "We fought them hard and I think they were scared ... the way our defence kept pushing them back."



League games:

September 24th
Anderson 22, Paul Dwyer 21
Anderson: Rob MacMenamin TD, 2ptC; Dan Kennedy TD; David Griffith TD; Marcus Spasic S; Kevin Yorke C
Paul Dwyer: Albert Ng 2TD; Conner Ruest TD; Tom Loder 2ptC; Jason Jeranma C

Pickering 30, Eastdale 0

September 27th
Pine Ridge 6, Richardson 0
Pine Ridge: Dan Murray TD

October 18th
Eastdale 7, Uxbridge 0
Anderson 27, Pine Ridge 7 (conflicting report 28-7)

Thursday, October 24th
Eastdale 28, Dunbarton 0
Eastdale: Jordan Baker 2TD; Bill Wormica TD; Jake Griese TD; Brad Vandenenden 2C

October 25th
Anderson 26, Richardson 0 (conflicting score 27-0)
Anderson: David Griffiths 2TD; Dan Kennedy 2TD; Kevin Yorke 2C

Wednesday, October 30th
Anderson 40, Dunbarton 14

Anderson: David Griffith 3TD, 2ptC; Jamie Lennox TD; Andrew Murray TD; Jason Campbell TD; Rob MacMenamin 2ptC
Dunbarton: James Thompson 2TD; Dan Walker 2C

Thursday, October 31at
Eastdale 28, Pine Ridge 14

Dates Unknown
Pickering 43, Anderson 13
Eastdale 22, Anderson 20
Paul Dwyer 26, Dunbarton 13
Paul Dwyer 14, Eastdale 13
Henry Street 19, Anderson 7
Henry Street 14, Dunbarton 6
Pickering 35, Dunbarton 6
Paul Dwyer 8, Henry Street 1
Uxbridge 8, Anderson 0
Pine Ridge 21, Dunbarton 14
Pickering 27, Paul Dwyer 1
Eastdale 28, Henry Street 0
Richardson 20, Dunbarton 13
Pine Ridge 21, Paul Dwyer 8
Uxbridge 28, Dunbarton 18
Paul Dwyer 42, Richardson 6
Pickering 52, Henry Street 6
Uxbridge 20, Paul Dwyer 20
Eastdale 28, Richardson 6
Pine Ridge 18, Henry Street 6
Henry Street 30, Richardson 6
Pickering 12, Pine Ridge 0
Henry Street 17, Uxbridge 0
Pickering 45, Richardson 6
Pickering 27, Uxbridge 0
Uxbridge 24, Pine Ridge 12
Uxbridge 22, Richardson 12

Final Standings

School Won Lost Tied For Against Points
Pickering 8 0 0 271 32 16
Eastdale 6 2 0 154 84 12
Paul Dwyer 4 3 1 140 123 9
Uxbridge 4 3 1 102 113 9
Anderson 4 4 0 157 134 8
Pine Ridge 4 4 0 99 120 8
Henry Street 4 4 0 93 125 8
J. Clarke Richardson 1 7 0 56 213 2
Dunbarton 0 8 0 84 212 0

Tier II Semi-finals
Anderson played J. Clarke Richardson
Pine Ridge played Henry Street

Tier I Semi-finals
Pickering defeated Uxbridge
Eastdale defeated Paul Dwyer

Tier I Championship played November 16th
Pickering 18, Eastdale 6
Pickering: Stephen Lopez 2TD; Romel Reid TD
Eastdale: Paul Kimmerley TD