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2013 Results: Junior


Ontario Regional Football Championship

Championship Final

Wednesday, November 27th

A N Myer (GHAC/Niagara, Niagara Falls) 45, Paul Dwyer 21
A N Myer: Donovan Venegas 3TD; Joe Murdaca TD, FG, 6C; Ryan Cahill TD; Jake Andrews TD
Paul Dwyer:

Semi-final Result

Saturday, November 23rd

Paul Dwyer 35, St. Michael's College (CISAA, Toronto) 14
Paul Dwyer: Dave Maecker TD; Cameron Breault TD; Kyle Baronet TD; Darius Samuels TD; Vance Bundy TD; Mitch Raper 5C
St. Michael's College: Jaeden Washington 2TD; Ryan Orct 2C

Quarter-final Results

Friday, November 15th

St. Michael's College (CISAA, Toronto) 43, Pickering 6
St. Michael's College: D'Andre Ramsden 2TD; Ryan Ort 5C, 2S; Joe Mason TD; Jaiden Cruz TD; Jaeden Washington TD; Charlie Skipworth TD
Pickering: Kyeree Reynolds TD

Thursday, November 14th

Paul Dwyer 15, Adam Scott (COSSA, Peterborough) 13
Paul Dwyer: Mitch Raper TD, SFT; Tristen Park TD; Anthony Dantas C
Adam Scott: Max Moloney TD; Spencer Mallory TD; Daniel Chalice C


Play-In Game Result

Tuesday, November 12th

Pickering 34, Bill Crothers (Unionville) 21
Pickering: Raign Harris 2TD; Daniel Davy 2TD; Max Stuklschwaiger TD; Julian Ward-William 2ptC; Adrian Martini 2C
Bill Crothers: Owen Schimpl 2TD; Dustin Vic-Gross TD; Robert Matthews 3C


Championship Results

Saturday, November 9th

Eastdale 49, Uxbridge 13  (Tier Two)
Eastdale: Mitchell McCarthy 3TD; Sebastien Mallete TD, 7C: Aiden Victor 2TD; Mekhi Henderson TD
Uxbridge: Sam Valarie TD; Paul Dobroski TD; Dan Vierra C

Paul Dwyer 43, Pickering 10  (Tier One)
Paul Dwyer: Kyle Baronet 2TD, 2ptC; Tristen Park 2TD; Mitch Raper 2TD; Anthony Dantas 5C
Pickering: Daniel Davy TD; Adrian Martini FG, C

Semi-final Results

Tuesday, November 5th

Paul Dwyer 39, Holy Trinity 6  (Tier One)
Paul Dwyer: Mitch Raper 2TD; Kyle Baronet TD; Tyler Legacy TD; Tristen Park TD; Anthony Dontas 5C, FG, S
Holy Trinity: Raniel Mararnan TD

Pickering 29, St. Stephen 26  (Tier One)
Pickering: Daniel Davy 3TD; Shamar Grant TD 2ptC; Adrian Martini 3C
St. Stephen: Tyler McNicholl TD, C; Aidan McKenna TD, Evan Reece TD; Alex Sudano FG; Evan Reece 2ptC; Jonathan Irwin 2ptC

Uxbridge 25, Port Perry 15  (Tier Two)
Uxbridge: Sam Valarie 3TD; Paul Dobroski TD; Dan Vierra C
Port Perry: Tyler Field TD, 2ptC, C; Mason Bouchard TD

Eastdale 35, J. Clarke Richardson 14  (Tier Two)
Awaiting scoring details



Quarter-final Results

Thursday, October 31st

Port Perry 20, O'Neill 1 (Tier Two)
Port Perry:  Eric Kerr TD; Mason Bouchard TD; Tyler Field TD; Mitch Crawford 2ptC
O'Neill: Ezra Evans S

Eastdale 21, Bowmanville 6 (Tier Two)
Awaiting scoring details


Wednesday, October 30th

Holy Trinity 33, Donald A. Wilson 21 (Tier One)
Holy Trinity: Michael Drake 2TD, 3C; Colin Guitard TD; Raniel Maranan TD; Matt Williams TD
Wilson: Anton O'Neil 2TD; MacKinley Harris TD; Chase Weston 3C

St. Stephen 43, Ajax 6 (Tier One)
St. Stephen: Tyler McNicholl 2TD; Graydon Meeks 2TD; Aiden McKenna TD; Dallas Anthony TD; Alex Sudano 5C; Jonathan Irwin SFT
Ajax: Braiden Kitching TD


Regular Season

Week Six Results

Friday, October 25th

Paul Dwyer 41, J. Clarke Richardson 0
Paul Dwyer: Eric Stanley 2TD; Vance Bundy TD; Tristan Park TD; Michael Ong TD; Kyle Baronet TD; Anthony Dantas 5C
Richardson: No scoring

Eastdale 37, Bowmanville 0
Eastdale:  Sebastien Mallete TD, 3C; Garrett Mitchell TD, 2ptC; Mitchell McCarthy TD, 2ptC; Marcus Smith TD; Bryson Linden TD
Bowmanville: No scoring

Holy Trinity 31,  Donald A. Wilson 7
Holy Trinity: Bret Gillespie TD, 2ptC; Johnny Vandershanden TD; Matt Williams TD; Colin Guitard TD; Michael Drake FG, 2C
Wilson: Anton O'Neill TD; Chase Weston C


Thursday, October 24th

St. Stephen 20, Pickering 6
St. Stephen: Evan Reece 2TD; Jonathan Irwin TD; Alex Sudano 2C
Pickering: Cyvoush Williams TD

O'Neill 26, Port Perry 20
O'Neill: Isaiah Mottley 2TD; Ezra Evans TD; Dylan Newhook TD; Jeff Smith 2C
Port Perry: Tyler Field 2TD, 2ptC; Eric Kerr TD


Wednesday, October 23rd

Ajax 27, Uxbridge 21
Ajax: Craig Rushton 2TD, 2ptC; Connor Arnsby TD; Mitchell Van Pelt TD; Liam Gasparato C
Uxbridge: Sam Valarie 3TD; Dan Vierra 3C

Week Five Results

Friday, October 18th

Pickering 28, Holy Trinity 15
Pickering: Raign Harris TD; Julian Ward-William TD; Daniel Davy TD; Cameron Tabatabaci TD; Adrian Martini 4C
Holy Trinity: Bret Gillespie 2TD; Michael Drake 2C, S

Thursday, October 17th

St. Stephen 34, Bowmanville 0
St. Stephen: Jon Irwin TD; Aidan McKenna TD; Graydon Meeks TD; Anthony Dallas TD; Tyler McNicholl TD; Alex Sudano 4C
Bowmanville: No scoring

Wednesday, October 16th

Eastdale 20, Port Perry 8
Less than 60 seconds after the Rebels had taken a fourth quarter lead, Sebastien Mallete unleashed a 50 yard touchdown run to restore the lead for the Eagles.  Both schools each have one win in five games.
Eastdale: Sebastien Mallete 2TD, 2C; Bryson Linden TD
Port Perry: Remy Yetman TD; Mason Bouchard 2ptC

Paul Dwyer 45, Uxbridge 14
In a battle of 4-0 teams, the Saints secured a first round bye with a convincing win over Uxbridge.  Three Saints each posted a pair of majors.  Anthony Dantas, who converted all six majors, also added a field goal.
Paul Dwyer: Tristan Park 2TD; Darius Sameules 2TD; Kyle Baronet 2TD; Anthony Dantas 6C, FG
Uxbridge: Sam Valarie TD; Matt Tate TD; Eric Fonk 2 ptC

Donald A. Wilson 41, O'Neill 7
The Junior Gators, led by a three touchdown effort by Anton O'Neill improved to 3-2.  The lone major for the winless Red Hawks was scored by their talented running back, Isaiah Mottley
Wilson: Anton O'Neill 3TD; MacKinley Harris TD; Nick Wodzack TD; Bailey Grimes TD; Chase Weston 5C
Richardson: Isaiah Mottley TD; Jeff Smith C.

Ajax 15, J. Clarke Richardson 14
A rouge on the opening kickoff by Liam Gasparato proved to be the difference as the Junior Rams squeaked by the Storm 15-14, despite two majors by Mohib Ebrahimi.  Both teams have two wins through five games played.
Ajax: Craig Rushton TD; Connor Arnsby TD; Liam Gasparato 2C, S
Richardson: Mohib Ebrahimi 2TD, Josh Laurence 2ptC


Week Four Results

Thursday, October 10th

Donald A. Wilson 54, Ajax 20
An eight touchdown outburst, including three by Bailey Grimes, enabled the Gators to move back to the .500 mark with their second wins in four contests.  The loss dropped the Junior Rams to 1-3.
Wilson: Bailey Grimes 3TD; Anton O'Neill 2TD; Jon Preston 2TD; McKinley Harris TD; Chase Weston 6C
Ajax: Braiden Kitching TD; Connor Arnsby TD; Craig Rushton TD; Liam Gasparato 2C

St. Stephen 14, Holy Trinity 12
St. Stephen, never trailing in the match, preserved their perfect record (4-0) as a fourth quarter field goal attempt by the Titans was partially blocked by the Royals stellar defence.  The loss evened the Titans record at 2-2.
St. Stephen: Jonathan Irwin TD; Aiden McKenna TD; Alex Sudano 2C
Holy Trinity: Matt Williams 2TD


Wednesday, October 9th

Paul Dwyer 20, Pickering 14 (Double overtime)
In a possible preview of the upcoming Junior Championship. David Maecker's quarterback keeper in the second overtime period allowed the Saints to maintain their perfect record at 4-0.  The Trojans record now stands at 3-0-1.

Paul Dwyer: David Maecker TD; Cameron Breault TD; Tristen Park TD; Anthony Dantas 2C
Pickering: Raign Harris TD; Daniel Davy TD; Adrian Martini 2C

J. Clarke Richardson 23, Port Perry 8
Cody Wong's two touchdown effort paced the Storm their second straight win after they had opened the season with back to back losses.  The loss dropped the Port Perry to a record of one win and three losses.
Richardson: Cody Wong 2TD; Ali Chaudhry TD; Tyler Knights-Rocehleau 2C
Port Perry: Liam Agget TD; Tyler Field 2ptC

Uxbridge 19, Eastdale 12
Dan Vierra's thirteen point effort paced the Tigers to their fourth straight win.  Although the Eagles, remain winless in four, it should be noted that their opponents this year are a combined 12 wins and 4 losses.
Uxbridge: Dan Vierra 2TD, C; Sam Valarie TD
Eastdale: Sebastien Mallett TD; Marcus Smith TD

Bowmanville 41, O'Neill 18
Cameron Barton reached the house four times as the Talons picked up their first win in four games.  Ross Williams recorded two touchdowns for the Red Hawks who remain winless through four games.
Bowmanville: Cameron Banton 4TD; Adam Baker 2TD; Cole Burton FG, 2C
O'Neill: Ross Williams 2TD; Gabe Petra-Farruggia TD

Week Three Results

Friday, October 4th

Holy Trinity 31, Ajax 0
Tristan Butler paced the Titan defence to a shut out victory with three interceptions as Holy Trinity(2-1) rebounded from a week two loss to Paul Dwyer.  The loss dropped the Junior Rams to 1-2.
Holy Trinity: Michael Drake TD, FG, 4C; Bret Gellespie TD; Johnny Vandersanden TD; Jack Griffin TD
Ajax: No scoring

Richardson 25, Bowmanville 14
Four different Storm players scored first half touchdowns, as Richardson earned their first victory in three starts.  The Talons, now 0-3, reduced the Storm lead to 11 with a pair of fourth quarter majors.
Richardson: Cody Wong TD; Ali Chaudry TD; Josh Lawrence TD; Dion Reid TD; Tyler Knights-Rocheleau C
Jamie Mukli TD; Trevor Blumbergs TD; J.C. Duval 2C


Thursday, October 3rd

Paul Dwyer 57, O'Neill 19
The Saints round out the quartet of undefeated Junior teams as they easily turned back the winless Red Hawks.  O'Neill's Isaiah Mottley led all scorers with a three touchdown effort!
Paul Dwyer: Tyler Legacy 2TD; Tristen Park 2TD; Kyle Baronet TD, 2ptC; Anthoney Dantas 7C; Mitch Raper TD; Vance Bundy TD; John Theurer TD
O'Neill: Isaiah Mötley 3TD; Jeff Smith C

Pickering 28, Donald A. Wilson 7
The Trojans, trailing in a game for the first time this year, roared back with four unanswered touchdowns, to remain undefeated through three games.  With the loss, the Gators now hold a 1-2 record.
Pickering: Daniel Davy 2TD; Julian Ward-William TD; Brendan Murphy TD; Adrian Martini 4C
Wilson: Jon Preston TD; Chase Weston C

Wednesday, October 2nd

Uxbridge 32, Port Perry 7
The Tigers two headed tandem of Sam Valarie and Dan Vierra combined for all five majors as Uxbridge retained their perfect record through three games.  The loss was the second in three games for  the Rebels.
Uxbridge: Sam Valarie 3TD; Dan Vierra 2TD; Paul Dorboski 2ptC
Port Perry: Tyler Field TD; Keegan Mulroy C

St. Stephen 59, Eastdale 6
Ten Royals each recorded scoring points as the undefeated Royals rolled to their third consecutive win while Eastdale dropped their third straight to open the season.
St. Stephen: Graydon Meeks 2TD; Dallas Anthony 2TD; Ethan Warlow 2TD; Aidan McKenna TD; Evan Reece TD; Jon Irwin TD; Alex Sudano 3C; Tyler McNicholl C; Noah Davies-Niera C
Eastdale: Mitchell McCarthy TD


Week Two Results

Saturday, September 28th

Paul Dwyer 28, Holy Trinity 12
Trailing 12-0 in the first quarter, the Saints responded with 28 unanswered point to remain undefeated (2-0).  The loss was the Titans first of the season (1-1). 
Paul Dwyer: Cameron Breault TD; Kyle Baronet TD; David Maecker TD; Tyler Legacy TD; Anthony Dantas 4C
Holy Trinity: Michael Drake 2TD

Friday, September 27th

Port Perry 28, Bowmanville 20
Four Rebels each reached the house as Port Perry eased by Bowmanville 28-20.  The win squares the Rebels record at 1-2, while the Junior Talons dropped to 0-2.
Port Perry: Aidan Mulligan TD; Mitch Crawford TD; Liam Aggett TD; Eric Kerr TD;  Keegan Mulroy 4C
Bowmanville: Trevor Blumbergs 2TD; Cam Banton TD;  Cole Berton 2C

Pickering 40, Ajax 0
Raign Harris, with five touchdowns on the season, led the Trojans to their second consecutive shutout win.  The loss levelled the Rams record at 1-1.
Pickering: Raign Harris 2TD; Daniel Davy TD; Julian Ward-Wiliam TD; Brendan Murphy TD; Cameron Tabatabaci TD; Adrian Martini 4C
Ajax: No scoring

Thursday, September 26th

Wilson 42, Eastdale 6
Bailey Grimes and Cody Sylvester combined for 20 scoring points at the Gators evened their record for the season at 1-1.  Eastdale remains winless after two games.
Wilson: Bailey Grimes 2TD; Cody Sylvester TD, 2ptC; Anton O'Neill TD; Paxton VanVolsen TD; Brett Halman TD; Chase Weston 4C
Eastdale: Bryson Linden 1TD

Wednesday, September 25th

Uxbridge 34, O'Neill 20
Wyatt Laroche and Sam Valarie, each recorded a pair of touchdowns, as the Tigers open the season with back to back victories.  The Red Hawka are winless after two games.
Uxbridge: Wyatt Laroche 2TD, 2ptC; Sam Valarie 2TD; John Lindale TD; Team SFT
O'Neill: Isaiah Mottley 3TD, S; Mike McNeaney C

St. Stephen 42, Richardson 0
Aiden McKenna paced the Royals attack with three touchdowns in the first fifteen minutes of the game.  The Royals, now 2-0, have scored 104 points through their first two games while Richardson drops to 0-2.
St. Stephen: Aiden McKenna 3TD; Jelani Yorke 2TD; Evan Reece TD; Alex Sudano 4C; Noah Davies-Neira 2C
Richardson: No scoring


Week One Results

Friday, September 20th

Ajax 27, Port Perry 6
Darius Daley and Connor Arnsby each recorded two touchdowns as the, defending Tier Two champion, Rams prevailed over Port Perry.
Ajax: Darius Daley 2TD; Connor Arnsby 2TD; Liam Gasparato 3C
Port Perry:
Joe Romagnuolo TD

Uxbridge 22, Bowmanville 0
Dan Vieira led the Tigers to an opening game victory with a two touchdown effort.
Uxbridge: Dan Vieira 2TD; Wyatt Laroche TD; Paul Dobroski 2ptC; Team SFT
Bowmanville: No scoring

Holy Trinity 33, Eastdale 0
Michael Drake tallied two majors and added three converts to pace the Titans offense as Holy Trinity chalked up a shut out victory over Eastdale.
Holy Trinity: Michael Drake 2TD, 3C; Johnny Vandersanden TD; Raniel Manaran TD; Nick Brundage TD
Eastdale: No scoring


Thursday, September 19th

Paul Dwyer 39, Donald A. Wilson 14
The Junior Saints earn their first league victory since 2012 with a convincing victory over the Gators.
Paul Dywer: Mitch Raper 2TD, Tristin Park 2TD; Cam Breault TD; Darius Sameuls TD; Vance Bundy 2ptC; Kyle Baronet C
Anton O'Neill 2TD, 2ptC

Pickering 63, Richardson 0
Raign Harris recorded the first three touchdowns of the game, all in the opening quarter, as the Trojans began defense of their Junior title.
Pickering: Raign Harris 3TD, Daniel Davy 3TD, Deshaun Jupiter-Deane TD, Julian Ward WIlliams TD, Traevon Grant TD; Adrian Martini 7C, 2S
Richardson: no scoring

St. Stephen 62, O'Neill 14
Severn different Royals, including Graydon Meeks with three, recorded touchdowns as St. Stephen easily turned back the Red Hawks.
St. Stephen: Graydon Meeks 3TD; Evan Reece TD; Aidan McKenna TD; Joshuwa Cappe-Moore TD; Isaac Stephens-Vanderende TD; Jelani Yorke TD; Anthony Dallas TD; Tyler McNicholl 3C; Alex Sudano 3C; Noah Davies-Neira 2C;
O'Neill: Isaiah Mottley TD; Mike McNeaney TD; Jeff Smith 2C