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2013 Results: Senior


Championship Result

Thursday, November 28th

St. Mary 20, Westgate (NWOSSA, Thunder Bay) 13
St. Mary: Josh Henry TD; Justice Johnson TD; Austin Benn TD; Tyler Decairos 2C
Westgate: Josh Whitehurst TD; Tucker Arnold TD; Brendan Phyllis C


Championship Results

Saturday, November 9th

Sinclair 14, O'Neill 7  (Tier Two)
Sinclair: Drew Hamlin TD, 2C; Mitch Laplaunt TD
O'Neill: Trey Campbell TD; Liam Jose C

St. Stephen 33, Eastdale 15  (AA/AAA)
St. Stephen: Darby Bradley TD, SFT; Ryan Ranich 3C, FG, S; Riley Adey TD; Kyle Rideout TD; Nicholas Isovski TD
Eastdale: Ian Ross TD, FG; Sam Smikle TD

St. Mary 28, Holy Trinity 20  (Tier One)
St. Mary: Davian Reid-Lynch TD; Justice Johnson TD; Aloinzo Addae TD; Raishaun Provo TD; Tyler Decarious 3C, S
Holy Trinity: Derek Cyr 2TD; Dan Lay FG, 2C, S; Giovanni Akeson SFT

Semi-final Results

Tuesday, November 5th

St. Mary 35, Paul Dwyer 14  (Tier One)
St. Mary: Josh Henry 2TD; Alonzo Addae 2TD; Justice Johnson TD; Tyler Decarious 3C; Raishaun Provo 2ptC
Paul Dwyer: Keegan Brand TD; Drew Pottle TD; Mike Fadalti 2C

Holy Trinity 17, Pickering 6  (Tier One)
Holy Trinity: Dan Lay 3FG, C, S; Brendon Joachim TD
Pickering: Rowan Turner TD

Sinclair 14, J. Clarke Richardson 9  (Tier Two)
Sinclair: Drew Hamlin TD, S, C; Jordan Kotyluk TD
Richardson: Curtis Brooks TD; Josh Daly SFT Kevon Wesley C

O'Neill 27, Pine Ridge 14  (Tier Two)
O'Neill: Trey Campbell 4TD;  Liam Jose 3C
Pine Ridge: Irwin Bramao 2TD;  Meschach Green 2C

Eastdale 35, Bowmanville 12 (AA/AAA)
Eastdale: Ian Ross 2TD. 5C; Sam Smikle TD; Jason Hau TD; Ty Neubauer TD
Bowmanville: Marc Oulette TD; Brody Lamont TD

Quarter-final Results

Thursday, October 31st

Paul Dwyer 25, Donald A. Wilson 13 (Tier One)
Paul Dwyer: Keegan Brand 2TD; Michael Fadalti 3C, FG, S; Kareem O'Brien TD
Wilson: Dylan Misseri TD; Jordan Grimes TD; Bailey Jamric C

Wednesday, October 30th

Pickering 14, Ajax 3 (Tier One)
Pickering: Kamau Farrell-Burke TD; Jaylen Latouche TD; Tarrick Brissett 2C
Ajax: Brad Till FG

Regular Season

Week Seven Results

Wednesday, October 30th

St. Stephen 36, Eastdale 7
St. Stephen: Idahossa Yorke 2TD; Darby Bradley TD; Kyle Rideout TD;  Taylor John TD; Niko Isovski SFT; Ryan Ranich 4C
Eastdale: Jason Hau TD; Ian Ross C

Week Six Results

Friday, October 25th

Eastdale 44, Bowmanville 6
Eastdale: Jhovanne Brown 2TD; Cody Moss TD, SFT, Ian Ross TD, 6C; Ty Neubauer TD; Jason Hau TD
Bowmanville: Dirk Hackenberger TD

St. Mary 47, O'Neill 12
St. Mary: Alonzo Addae 2TD; Justice Johnson 2TD; Josh Henry 2TD; Raishaun Provo TD; Tyler DeCairos 5C
O'Neill: Trey Campbell TD; Tristan Muir TD

Pine Ridge 34, J. Clarke Richardson 11
Awaiting scoring details

Holy Trinity 21, Donald A. Wilson 0
Holy Trinity: Nathan Jones TD; Derek Cyr TD; Josh Ritchie TD; Dan Lay 3C
Wilson: No scoring

Thursday, October 22nd

Pickering 30, St. Stephen 0
Pickering: Matthew Romain TD; Darnel Jerrett TD; Jelani McLean TD; Rowan Turner TD; Tarrick Brissett 4C; Brenden Deeg SFT
St. Stephen: No scoring

Paul Dwyer 41, Sinclair 9
Paul Dwyer: Bryce Macdonald 2TD; John Baron 2TD; Mike Fadalti FG, 6C; Keegan Brand 1TD; Kanaar Bell SFT
Sinclair: Marshall Odei TD; Terrance Persaud SFT; Drew Hamlin C

Tuesday, October 22nd

Ajax 40, Bowmanville 0
Ajax: Matthew McConnach 2TD; Zach White TD; Morgan Humes TD; Jake Van Pelt TD; Nasarre Wallace TD; Brad Till 4C
Bowmanville: No scoring

O'Neill 42, J. Clarke Richardson 6
O'Neill: Trey Campbell 3TD; Yohancy Pryce 2TD; Tylar Jones TD; Liam Jose 6C
Richardson: Curtis Brooks TD

Week Five Results

Friday, October 18th

Pickering 13, Holy Trinity 7
Forced into quarterbacking duties due to an injury, Darnel Jarrett guided the Trojans to the win over the Titans, who have now gone two consecutive games without an offensive touchdown.  Both schools have identical 3-2 records..
Pickering: Darnel Jarrett TD; Matthew Romain TD; Tarrick Brissett C
Holy Trinity: Wyatt Roeloffzen TD; Dan Lay C

Pine Ridge 23, Bowmanville 6
The Pumas picked up their first win of the season as they turned back the Talons 23-6.  This means that all fourteen Senior teams now have a crooked number in the win column this season..
Awaiting scoring details.

Thursday, October 17th

Paul Dwyer 37, St. Stephen 10
The Saints punched their Tier One playoff ticket as Keegan Brand led the offense with three touchdowns (4, 83 and 20 yards).  The loss, their first, prevented St. Stephen from clinching first place in the AA/AAA division.
Paul Dwyer: Keegan Brand 3TD; Ian Byberg TD; Kareem O'Brien TD; Michael Fidalti 5C; Kanaar Bell SFT
St. Stephen: Darby Bradley TD, Ryan Ranich FG, C

Donald A. Wilson 24, Sinclair 14
The twenty-four scoring points, Wilson's best effort this year, secured the Gators a berth in the Tier One playoffs.  The loss means that, next week, the Celtics will need a win as well as an Ajax loss to reach the Tier I playoffs.
Wilson: Jordan Grimes TD; Foster Elliott TD; Deshon Boodhoo TD; Bailey Jamrik 3C, FG
Sinclair: Drew Hamlin TD, 2C; Chris Mackey TD

Wednesday, October 16th

Ajax 40, Eastdale 9
Jack Van Pelts second touchdown reception early in the fourth quarter broke open a tightly contested game as the Rams improved to 3-2.   The loss was the Eagles third in four games.
Ajax: Jake Van Pelt 2TD; Matthew McConnach TD; Romell Campbell TD; Nasare Wallace TD; Nicholas Greenslade TD; Brad Till 4C
Eastdale: Ian Ross TD, C; Ethan Melleville SFT

St. Mary 35, J. Clarke Richardson 0
The Monarchs cruised to their fifth consecutive win with former Pickering Trojan, Justice Johnson, leading all scorers with two majors.  The victory gives the Monarchs a quarterfinal bye.  The loss dropped the Storm to 2-3.
St. Mary: Justice Johnson 2TD; Mekai Clarke TD; Josh Henry TD; Davian Reid-Lynch TD; Tyler DeCairos 5C
Richardson: No scoring

Week Four Results

Thursday, October 10th

Ajax 14, Donald A. Wilson 7
The Rams, 2-2, stunned the defending league champions, who now have three defeats through four games, 14-7 on the strength of touchdowns by pivot Tommy Kemp and Mitch Fowler.
Ajax: Thomas Kemp TD; Mitch Fowler TD; Brad Till 2C
Wilson: Dylan Misseri TD; Bailey Jamric C

St. Mary 20, Holy Trinity 8
In a match between the two remaining undefeated AAAA schools, the Monarchs overcame an early deficit with touchdown receptions by Kenan Clarke, Josh Henry and Alonzo Addae to assume sole possession of first place.
St. Mary: Kenan Clarke TD; Josh Henry TD; Alonzo Addae TD; Tyler Decairus 2C
Holy Trinity: Dan Lay FG: Cameron Macht SFT: Branden Bressette SFT; Jonny Codrington S

Sinclair 23, Pine Ridge 0
The Celtics, with the shut out, squared their record at two wins and two losses.  The Pumas, the only Senior team without a crooked number in the win column, are still seeking their first win of the season after four games,
Sinclair: Dawson Odei 2TD, SFT; Drew Hamlin TD, 3C
Pine Ridge: No scoring


Wednesday, October 9th

Pickering 28, Paul Dwyer 10
Highlighted by a two touchdown effort by back up quarterback, Darnell Jarrett and a 42 yard touchdown punt return by Kamau Farrell-Burke, the Trojans upended the Saints 28-10.  Both schools now sport 2-2 records.
Pickering: Darnel Jarret 2TD; Kamau Farrell-Burke TD; Mathew Romain TD; Tarrick Brissett 4C
Paul Dwyer: Drew Pottle TD, Mike Fadalti FG, C

St. Stephen 26, J. Clarke Richardson 13
Led by a 15 point scoring effort by Idahossa Yorke, St. Stephen retained their perfect record (3-0) atop the AA/AAA division with a 26-13 victory over J. Clarke Richardson.  The loss was the second in three games for the Storm.
St. Stephen: Idahossa Yorke 2TD, C, SFT; Darby Bradley TD; Ryan Ranich FG, 2C
Richardson: Tevin Lawrence TD; J'van Manhertz TD; Kivon Wesley C

O'Neill 27,  Bowmanville 19 (Double overtime)
In the second overtime period, Tristan Muir recorded his second touchdown of the game to lift the Red Hawks into the lead.  The Red Hawks defence then preserved the lead to level their record at 2-2 while the Talons are now 1-1-1.
O'Neill: Tre Campbell 2TD, 2ptC; Tristan Muir 2TD, C
Bowmanville: Kyler Woodburne TD; Graham Janack TD; Marc Ouellet TD; Kyle Kelly C

Week Three Results

Friday, October 4th

Holy Trinity 25, Ajax 7
Highlighted by Tyler Paul's interception return for a touchdown, the Titans scored one touchdown in each quarter, improving their record to 3-0.  The Rams, have now lost two straight, after opening the season with a win.
Holy Trinity: Tyler Kashak TD; Alex Olay TD; Tyler Paul TD; Dan Lay FG, 3C
Morgan Humes TD; Brad Till C

Eastdale 30, Pine Ridge 6
The Eagles, paced by Jhovanne Brown with two majors, soared to their first win of the season as they defeated Pine Ridge.  The rebuilding Pumas, having returned to league play after a one year absence, fell to 0-3.
Eastdale: Jhovanne Brown 2TD; Ian Ross TD, FG 3C; Aaron Young TD
Pine Ridge:
Meschash Green TD

Bowmanville 32, J. Clarke Richardson 27
Kyle Kelly's touchdown with 2:01 remaining gave the Talons (1-2) a come from behind victory over the Richardson Storm, who had held leads of 13-0 and 27-26 during the game.  The loss levelled Richardson's record at 1-1.
Bowmanville: Kyle Woodburne 2TD, C; Brendon Goldsworthy 2TD; Kyle Kelly TD; Graham Janack C
Richardson: Kevon Wesley 2TD, 3C; J'van Manhertz 2TD


Thursday, October 3rd

Paul Dwyer 37, O'Neill 25
An impressive passing display by Drew Pottle, who tossed five first half touchdown passes, led the Saints to their second victory in three games.  The loss dropped the Red Hawks to 1-2.
Paul Dwyer: Bryce Macdonald 2TD; John Baran TD; Marcus Maloney TD; Ian Byberg TD; Mike Fadaliti 5C; Evan Joliceur SFT
O'Neill: Amare Ritchie 2TD; Trey Campbell 2TD; Tristan Muir C

St. Mary 55, Sinclair 6
In a rematch of the 2012 Tier II Championship game, St. Mary once again emerged victorious.  Sinclair drops to 1-2 while the 3-0 Monarchs will now travel to Holy Trinity for a Thursday (week four) battle of undefeated teams.
Scoring details: Complete scoring details have yet to be submitted

Donald A. Wilson 20, Pickering 6
Wilson's Foster Elliott took the ball 83 yards to the house with just under four minutes left in the second quarter to break up a scoreless game.  Both the Gators and the Trojans have one win in three games.
Wilson: Jordan Grimes 2td: Foster Elliott TD; Bailey Jamrik 2C
Pickering: Jelani McLean TD

Week Two Results

Saturday, September 28th

Holy Trinity 17, Paul Dwyer 11
With 20 seconds remaining, Chris Waldinsperger connected with Tyson Rose for a touchdown to give the Titans (2-0) a come from behind win over the Saints, 1-1.
Holy Trinity: Tyson Rose TD , 2ptC; Derek Cyr TD, C' Pete Steele SFT
Paul Dwyer: John Baran TD, Mike Fadalti FG, C, Jordan Baronet S

Friday, September 27th

Sinclair 23, Ajax 21
The Celtics, who were trailing 14-1 until Jordan Kotyluk unleashed a 28 yard major on the final play of the first half, reeled off three consecutive majors en route to a 23-21 win.  Both schools now sport identical 1-1 records.
Sinclair: Jordan Kotyluk TD; Dawson Odei TD; Tyler Banks TD; Drew Hamlin 2C, S; Duncan MacDonald-Johnston SFT
Ajax: Jake Van Pelt TD; Zach White TD; Brad Till C

Thursday, September 26th

Pickering 26, Eastdale 3
Paced by the three touchdown effort of Darnell Jarrett, the Trojans (1-1) picked up their first win since 2011.  The Eagles have opened with back to back losses.
Pickering: Darnell Jarrett 3 TD, Matthew Romain TD, Rowan Turner 2C
Eastdale: Dan Charitonov SFT, Ian Ross S

St. Mary 18, Donald A. Wilson 6
On the strength of three passing touchdowns, the 2012 Tier II Champion Monarchs improved to 2-0 while the defending Tier I Champion Gators remain winless through two games.
St. Mary: Davian Reid-Lynch TD; Justice Johnson TD; Austin Benn TD
Wilson: Adam Perroni TD

O'Neill 32, Pine Ridge 13
Trailing by three at the half, the Red Hawks recorded 21 unanswered points in the second half to even their seasonal record at 1-1.  With the loss, the Pumas fell to 0-2.
O'Neill: Trey Campbell 2TD; Matt Cox TD; Liam Jose TD; Tristan Muir 3C; Yohancy Pryce SFT; Natna Ouimette SFT; Tony Armanious SFT
Pine Ridge: Meschach Green 2TD, C

Wednesday, September 25th

St. Stephen 26, Bowmanville 7
Two long  first quarter touchdowns by Idahossa Yorke, a 54 yard fumble recovery and a 45 yard run, provided all the scoring that the Royals would need to spoil the Talons season opener.
St. Stephen: Idahossa Yorke 2TD; Ryan Ranich TD, 2ptC; Kyle Rideout TD
Kyle Kelly TD, Graham Janack C


Week One Results

Friday, September 20th

Ajax 32, Pine Ridge 0
Paced by Matt McConnach with two majors, the Rams spoiled Pine Ridge's return to LOSSA football following a one year absence.
Ajax: Matthew McConnach 2TD; Nasarre Wallace TD; Jake Van Pelt TD; Brad Till FG, 4C, S
Pine Ridge: no scoring

Holy Trinity 35, Eastdale 8
Five different Titans recorded majors in the first half as Holy Trinity easily turned back the Eastdale Eagles.
Holy Trinity: Derek Cyr TD 4C; Chris Waldinsperger TD; Brandon Joachim TD C; Tyler Paul TD; Alex Olay TD
Ty Neubauer TD; Ian Ross C, S

St. Mary 28, Pickering 14
Alonzo Addae took a pass in the flat and rambled 69 yards to put the Monarchs ahead to stay with seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.
St. Mary: Alonzo Addae 2TD; Raishaun Provo TD, 2ptC; Josh Henry TD, 2ptC
Kesean Bennett TD; Kamau Farrell-Burke TD; Elijah Williams SFT

Thursday, September 19th

Paul Dwyer 31, Donald A. Wilson 21
Keegan Brand scores three touchdowns to lead Paul Dwyer to a come from behind victory over the defending Tier One Senior Champions.
Paul Dywer: Keegan Brand 3TD; Kareem O'Brain TD; Michael Fadalti FG, 4C
Wilson: Deshon Boodhoo TD; Adam Perroni TD; Dylan Misseri TD; Bailey Jamric 3C

J. Clarke Richardson 28, Sinclair 24
The Storm rode a touchdown late in the final quarter to a win over the Sinclair Celtics.
Richardson: Trevor McGarrity 3TD, 2ptC; J'Van Manhertz TD; Abdul Burhan 2C
Drew Hamlin TD; FG, 3C; Dawson Odei 2TD

St. Stephen 14, O'Neill 6
Touchdowns by Riley Adey and Sebastian Shearing paced the Royals to victory.
St. Stephen: Riley Adey TD; Sebastian Shearing TD; Idahosa Yorke 2C
O'Neill: Trey Campbell TD