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2014 Results: Senior


AAAA: Tier One


Tuesday, November 11th

Paul Dwyer (1) 35, Donald A. Wilson (5) 23
Paul Dwyer: Dawson O'Dei 2TD, Vance Bundy TD, Kyle Baronet TD, Keegan Brand TD, Jordan Baronet 5C
Donald A Wilson: Anton O'Neill TD, Bryson Ahlstedt TD, Trae Wright TD, Mike Major FG, 2C

Pickering (2) 27, Holy Trinity (3) 0
Pickering: Matthew Romain 2TD, Darnell Jarrett 2TD, Tarrick Brissett 3C
Holy Trinity: No scoring


Wednesday, November 5th

Paul Dwyer (1) Bye
Pickering (2) Bye

Holy Trinity (3) 28, St Mary (6) 14
Holy Trinity: Nathan Jones 2TD; Michael Drake TD, 4C; Tyler Collins TD
St Mary:
Kenan Clarke TD, 2ptC; Dallas Haselden TD

Donald A. Wilson (5) 24, St. Stephen (4) 11
Donald A Wilson: Anton O'Neill 2TD, Chris Miller TD, Trae Wright TD
St Stephen: Aidan McKenna TD, Tyler McNichol 2ptC, Tim Vanheuvelen SFT, Isaac Stephens S

AAAA: Tier Two


Thursday, November 6th

Ajax (2) 28, Pine Ridge (3) 13
Ajax: Triston Wilson TD, 4C; Zach White TD; Thomas Kemp TD; Connor Arnsby TD
Pine Ridge: Coree  Russell TD; Nevel Provo TD; Kevin Thibadeau C

J. Clarke Richardson (1) Bye



Friday, November 7th

Eastdale (1) Bye

O'Neill (2) 16, Bowmanville (3) 7
O'Neill: Liam Jose TD, 2C, 2S; Mike Walsh TD
Bowmanville: Jake Callaghan TD, C


Regular Season

Week Seven Results

Friday, October 31st

Paul Dwyer 51, Pine Ridge 14
Paul Dwyer: Keegan Brand 2TD; Dawson O'Dei 2TD; Jordan Baronet 7C; Tristan Park TD; Vance Bundy TD; Randy O'Connor TD; Jacob Myren SFT
Pine Ridge:
Joseph Yanic TD; Russell Coree TD; Kevin Thibadeau C; Gary Cannam C

Eastdale 12, J Clarke Richardson 7

Holy Trinity 13, St Mary 0
Holy Trinity: Nathan Jones 2TD; Michael Drake S
St Mary: No scoring

Thursday, October 30th

Donald A. Wilson 19, Ajax 0

Pickering 52, O'Neill 14

St. Stephen 27, Bowmanville 6
St Stephen: Tyler McNicholl TD, 3 C; Evan Reece TD, Graydon meeks TD; Taylor John TD
Kyler Woodburne TD

Week Six Results

Thursday, October 23rd

Pickering 28, Holy Trinity 11

Paul Dwyer 71, Eastdale 7

J. Clarke Richardson 20, Bowmanville 0
J Clarke Richardson: J'Van Manhertz 2TD; Tevin Lawrence TD; Tyler Knights C, S

St.  Stephen 16, St. Mary 13
St Stephen: Evan Reece TD, SFT; Drew Besco TD; Tyler McNichol 2C
St. Mary: Keenan Clarke TD; Damien Lombardi TD; Ethan Smith C

Wednesday, October 22nd

O'Neill 34, Pine Ridge 12
O'Neill: Garrett Ouellette 3TD: Liam Jose TD, 4C; Jesse Johnson TD
Pine Ridge: Thomas Roadknight TD; Nevel Provo TD

Week Five Results

Friday, October 17th

Holy Trinity 26, Donald A. Wilson 7
Holy Trinity: Michael Drake TD, FG, 3C; Tyson Rose TD; Mathan Jones TD; Tyler Paul SFT
Donald A Wilson: Trae Wright TD; Mike Major C

St. Stephen 21, Ajax 7
St. Stephen: Aiden McKenna 2 TD; Drew Besco TD; Tyler McNicholl 3 C
Ajax: Zach White TD; Tristan Wilson C

Pickering 62, Eastdale 0 

J. Clarke Richardson 19, Pine Ridge 18
J. Clarke Richardson:
Pine Ridge:

Thursday, October 16th

O'Neill 36, Bowmanville 0
O'Neill: Garrett Ouellette 2TD; Liam Jose TD, 2ptC, 4C; Mike Walsh TD; Ritchie Amare TD

Week Four Results

Friday, October 10th

J. Clarke Richardson 34, Ajax 6
J. Clarke Richardson:

St. Stephen 31, O'Neill 6
St. Stephen: Tyler McNichol 2TD; FG; 4C; Evan Reece TD;  Isaac Stephens TD
O'Neill: Mike Walsh TD

Thursday, October 9th

Donald A. Wilson 26, St. Mary 7
Donald A. Wilson: Bryson Ahlstedt 2TD; Shane Nadeau-Wizzard TD; Adrian Price TD; Mike Major 2C
St. Mary: Kenan Clarke TD; Connor Mousdale C

Paul Dwyer 21, Pickering 4
Paul Dwyer: Keegan Brand TD; Dawson O'dei TD; Kyle Baronet TD; Jordan Baronet 2C; Anthony Dantas S
Pickering: Kamal Farrell-Burke SFT; Isaiah Noyte SFT

Wednesday, October 8th

Eastdale 16, Pine Ridge 13
Eastdale: Randy Reid TD, S; Aaron Young TD; Cody Moss 2ptC; Sebastien Malette C
Pine Ridge: Coree Russell TD, S; Nevel Provo TD

Week Three Results

Friday, October 3rd

Paul Dwyer 53, Ajax 6
In a game played at the Oshawa Civic fields in front of a large crowd considering the weather conditions, the Saints marched to a convincing victory over Ajax.  Keegan Brand, Dawson O'dei and Vance Bundy led the seven touchdown onslaught with a pair each.  Zach White's trouchdown accounted for all the Rams points.  The contest raised over $440 for the Canadian Cancer Society.
Paul Dwyer: Keegan Brand 2TD; Dawson O'dei 2TD; Vance Bundy 2TD; Mitch Raper TD; Jordan Baronet 6C; Anthony Dantas FG; Drew Moore SFT
Ajax: Zach White TD

Pickering 26, St. Mary 0
In a game that featured two undefeated teams, the Trojans posted their second shut out in as many starts as they handed the Monarchs their first loss since the 2011 season.  Jaylen Latouche led the Trojan attack with a pair of touchdowns while Matthew Romain wrecked havoc with the Monarchs speciality teams with several long punt returns including a 63 yard third quarter return to close out the scoring.
Pickering: Jaylen Latouche 2TD; Treshaun Abraham-Webster TD; Matthew Romain TD; Tarrick Brissett 2C

Holy Trinity 31, St. Stephen 2
The Titans decisively turned back the Royals as they upped their record to two wins and a loss.  The loss for the Royals, was their first of the season as their record dropped to 1-1.  Titans were paced by the two touchdown effort of Nathan Jones while Martine Hepburn and Liam Walsh added single touchdowns.  Ryan Nikisovski recorded the Royals points when he was credited with a two point safety.
Holy Trinity: Nathan Jones 2TD; Martin Hepburn TD; Liam Walsh TD; Michael Drake FG, 4C
St. Stephen: Ryan Nikisovski SFT

Thursday, October 2nd

Donald A. Wilson 49, Pine Ridge 8
Anton O`Neill and Bryson Ahlstedt each scored a pair of touchdowns to pace the Gators to their second win in three starts.  Ahlstedt`s majors were both on one yard keepers while O`Neill contributed from both sides of the ball with a 20 yard run to open the scoring and a 18 yard interception return to pad the Gator lead to 27-0 late in the third quarter.  Jahmari Jackson with a 13 yard pass and run put the Puma`s on the board thereby averting the shut out.  The loss dropped Pine Ridge to a 1-1 record.
Donald A. Wilson: Anton O'Neil 2TD; Bryson Ahlstedt 2TD; Nick Lapi TD; Cody Sylvester TD; Adrian Price TD; Mike Major 6C; Nick Wodzak S
Pine Ridge: Jahfari Campbell TD; Coree Russell 2PtC

Eastdale 21, Bowmanville 0
Aaron Young's two touchdown effort enabled the Eagles to even their seasonal record at a win and a loss as Eastdale shut out the Talons.  Randy Reid also reached the house for Eastdale while Sebastien Malette converted all three touchdowns.  The Talons have now been shut out twice in three games.   
Eastdale: Aaron Young 2TD; Randy Reid TD; Sebastien Malette 3C

J. Clarke Richardson 17, O'Neill 10
The Storm (1-1) squeezed by the O'Neill Red Hawks 17-10 to garner their first win of the regular season as both Tevon Anderson and Tevin Lawrence reached the house.  Kyle Hayes picked up a six pointer for O'Neill, who have dropped their first two games of the season.  The contest featured two field goals, one by each team as Tyler Knights-Rocheleau and Liam Jose both split the uprights.
J. Clarke Richardson: Tevon Anderson TD; Tevin Lawrence TD; Tyler Knights-Rocheleau FG, 2C
O'Neill: Kyle Hayes TD; Liam Jose FG, C

Week Two Results

Saturday, September 27th

Paul Dwyer 18, Holy Trinity 13
The Saints turned the tables on the Titans this year as they prevailed 18-13 in the annual Paul Dwyer Saturday homecoming game.  Last year, the Titans scored in the final minute of the game to pry the win away.  The Saints held a 13-0 half time lead as Dawson O'Dei (9 yards) and Vance Bundy (3 yards) both scored second quarter majors.  The Titans sandwiched a pair of second half majors by Nathan Jones (75 yards) and Tyson Rose (47 yards) around a Dwyer 23 yard field goal by Jordan Baronet to reduce the Saint lead to 16-13 with half a quarter to play.  A quarterback sack in the final minute by Jacob Kroepkl closed out the scoring.  Both teams have identical 1-1 records for the season.
Paul Dwyer: Dawson O'dei TD; Vance Bundy TD; Jordan Baronet FG, C; Jacob Kroepkl SFT
Holy Trinity: Nathan Jones. TD; Tyson Rose TD; Josh Ritchie C

Friday, September 26th

St. Mary 29, Ajax 12
Alonzo Addae's 58 yard interception with 4:16 remaining in the game enabled the Monarchs to remain undefeated after two starts.  At the time of the interception, St. Mary held a slim 14-12 lead.  Alonzo's touchdown was his third of the game (first two on long runs of 57 and 54 yards).  The Rams had answered after each of the first two Monarch touchdowns as Thomas Kemp scored on a one yard keeper and Connor Arnsby on a three yard run.  Damien Lombardi closed out the scoring with a 42 yard touchdown pick with 1:33 remaining.
St. Mary: Alonzo Addae 3TD, 2ptC; Damien Lombardi TD; Connor Mousdale 2C, S
Ajax: Thomas Kemp TD; Connor Arnsby TD

Donald A. Wilson  27, J. Clarke Richadson 17
Bryson Ahlstedt called his own number three times from the one yard line as the Gators (1-1) defeated the Storm 27-17.  Ahlstedt's first touchdown with 5:31 remaining to the half levelled the score at 14 and his second touchdown with 44 ticks on the clock in the opening half put the Gators in front to stay.  Trevor Anderson with a 76 yard pass and run and Jovin Lawrence with a twelve yard run accounted for the two Storm (0-1) touchdowns.  Gator's Anton O'Neill contributed a six pointer with a superb 95 yard punt return.
Donald A. Wilson: Bryson Ahlstedt 3TD; Anton O'Neill TD; George Gonsalvez-Akers 2ptC; Mike Major C
J. Clarke Richardson: Tevon Anderson TD; Jovin Lawrence TD; Tyler Knights FG, 2C

Thursday, September 25th

Pine Ridge 45, Bowmanville 13
Coree Russell with a five yard touchdown run with just over a minute remaining in the first half broke up a 13-13 deadlock.  The major was Russell's second of the game and he would add three more in the second half as the Puma's opened their season with a 45-13 victory.  Puma's first touchdown of the season was scored by Thomas Road-Knight who picked off an errant Talon pass at the Bowmanville 41 yard line.  Cameron Banton scored both Talon touchdowns on runs of 4 and 21 yards.  Bowmanville is winless in two games. 
Pine Ridge: Corey Russell 5TD; Thomas RoadKnight TD; Jahfari Campbell TD; Corey Russell 3C
Bowmanville: Cameron Banton 2TD; J.C. Duvall C

Week One Results

Friday, September 19th

Holy Trinity 43, O'Neill 6
The Titans, who participated in the LOSSA Senior championship game in each of the past five seasons, exploded for five first half touchdowns as they easily turned back O'Neill 43-6.  Derek Cyr reached the house twice in the first quarter with an 18 yard run and a 9 yard pass reception.  Alex Olay also scored a pair of touchdowns with second quarter runs of 30 and 33 yards.  The Red Hawks averted the shutout in the third quarter when Garrett Ouelette scored from the 13 yard line.
Holy Trinity: Derek Cyr 2TD; Alex Olay 2TD; Nate Beaton TD; Tyson Rose TD; Michael Drake 6C, S
O'Neill: Garrett Ouellette TD

St Stephen 27, Eastdale 4
Paced by Tyler McNicholls 21 point effort, the Royals who opted to play in AAAA this year, opened with a 27-4 win over the Eastdale Eagles.  McNicholl accounted for the first 21 scoring points for St.  Stephen, with a six yard pass reception, runs of 11 and 14 yards along with a 21 yard field goal.  Sebastien Mallete provided Eastdale with their first points of the game in the second quarter when he split the uprights with a 24 yard field goal. 

St Stephen: Tyler McNicholl 3TD, FG; Taylor John TD
Eastdale: Sebastien Mallete FG; Randy Reid S

Ajax 14, Bowmanville 0
Touchdowns by Connor Arnsbu and Mitchell Van Pelt enabled the Ajax Rams to open the season with a 14-0 victory.  The Talons held Ajax, who qualified for Tier One post season play last season to 14 points, however offensively they were not able to hit the scoreboard.
Ajax: Connor Arnsby TD; Mitchell Van Pelt TD; Preston Boardman C; Zach White C

Thursday, September 18th

St. Mary 14 , Paul Dwyer 12
St. Mary, the defending Tier One Champions, withstood a furious fourth quarter Dwyer rally when a potential game tying 22 yard field goal was wide of the uprights.  Trailing 3-0 at the half, the Monarchs had posted 14 unanswered third quarter points to overcome a 3-0 half time deficit.  Monarch standout Alonzo Addae picked up the first Monarch major of the year while Xavier Watson also recorded a six pointer for St. Mary.  Drue Moore led the Saint scoring with an eight point effort.
St Mary: Alonzo Addae TD; Xavier Watson TD; Robert Carmichael 2ptC
Paul Dwyer: Drue Moore TD, SFT; Anthony Dantas FG, S

Pickering 37, Donald A. Wilson 0
Taking advantage of an opening kick off turnover deep in the Gator red zone, the Trojans quickly posted a touchdown less than two minutes into the game when Justin Alberti took the ball to the house from three yards out.  The Trojans, early season favourites to capture the LOSSA title this year (according to Canada Football Chat) would extend their lead to 21-0 with just over two minutes remaining until the half.  Darnel Jarrett led the Pickering offense with a two touchdown effort.
Pickering: Darnell Jarrett 2TD; Justin Alberti TD; Trey White TD; Kamal, Farrel-Burke TD; Tarrick Brissett 5C; Tyler Flash-Gordon SFT