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Senior Football Champions (pre-1971)

From 1960 to 1970 the league structure was somewhat volatile in that there were two or three football leagues operating in the Durham area.  One league basically was comprised of the Oshawa based schools while the second league was comprised of teams outside of Oshawa.  There were a few exceptions as Anderson, Courtice and Bowmanville did participate in the Oshawa league during part of this decade.  Two representatives (assumption that his was based on school population) were sent to the COSSA playdowns.  It appears that COSSA A eventually became COSSA AA while COSSA B became COSSA A.

The following table reflects the Champions, where known, for this period.

  Oshawa High School League Lake Ontario District League
1970 Oshawa Central Pickering
1969 Eastdale Bowmanville
1968 O'Neill Henry Street (COSSA B)  Ajax
1967 Donevan Bowmanville
1966 McLaughlin Henry Street
1965 McLaughlin  
1964 Donevan  
1963 Oshawa Central (COSSA A) Henry Street (COSSA B)
1962 Oshawa Central Henry Street

Lakeshore COSSA Conference

1961 COSSA A Rep: ?
COSSA B Rep: Henry Street

Oshawa Central